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  1. mustafa

    Helpful ideas for going to mexico to race

    I always make sure all doors are locked before entering a checkpoint. I then get out of the vehicle and follow them around opening each door for them to inspect. I see people step back from the vehicle and let them crawl all over without watching them. They are always polite I've never had...
  2. mustafa

    Racer friendly Resturants

    Can't really say if it's race friendly although they used to have a picture of Robby's Hay Hauler in there, but Burgers and Beer in El Centro is always a mandatory stop after coming back from Mexico.
  3. mustafa

    suspension geometry

    Try here: http://www.race-dezert.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=43
  4. mustafa

    riders recued

    I bet all those small stream crossings in Laguna Hanson were raging rivers.
  5. mustafa

    Diners Drive Inns and Dives

    Just got back from Hodad's last night and it was great despite being really crowded. The waves breaking over the pier was awesome too. I was surprised that the pier was open so we had to go out there and it was sketchy. I was always a big fan of Tommy's (the original one), but we went there...
  6. mustafa

    Best FAILs of 2009

    The mall ninja at 1:45 has an awesome back kick.
  7. mustafa

    PISTOL jr. 1, monster texas whitetail 0, vegatarians dont look....

    Here's a vid about hog eradication in Texas. They are very destructive animals. YouTube- Nueces Helicopter Pig Hunt (no music)
  8. mustafa

    New rest area Between Ocotillo and El Centro

    Was he named 'Seabass'?
  9. mustafa

    Stub Hub

    I bought some Dodger tickets through them and was disappointed that I had to go to their office to pick them up. I was hoping to just get them at the will call office, but they were siginificantly cheaper and they are legit.
  10. mustafa

    Shooting in Ocotillo? (MLK weekend)

    I have called and emailed them and I could never get a definitive answer. I've seen a lot of spent casings north of the S22 in the canyons and that area is out of the SVRA. I believe it is BLM land, but the ranger would not confirm it.
  11. mustafa

    PISTOL jr. 1, monster texas whitetail 0, vegatarians dont look....

    You might as well quit while you're still behind.
  12. mustafa

    RDC Dakar 2010 - caption contest

    "Danica says she wants to race Dakar too?"
  13. mustafa


    I felt it out in Glamis. Really different sensation when standing out in the sand.
  14. mustafa

    Glacier downhill race on bicycles

    The first 5 minutes looked like fun and then it got sketchy. It looked like the course was well groomed though.
  15. mustafa

    International motorcycle show

    Anyone go to the show this past weekend? It's gets more and more disappointing every year. I was surprised to see that Yamaha doesn't have a 2010 Rhino. I was told that Honda dropped their watercraft line too. It was nice to see the (as usual) baja 1000 winning bikes in the Honda area...
  16. mustafa

    Tiger Woods SLOW JAM.....LMAO

    Is it a blade putter? I'll jump in the lake in the middle of winter for one of those. I just can convince myself to spend $200 on one.
  17. mustafa

    Sports Cars

    The best part of that movie was the sound effects of Charlie Sheen's bone stock XL 600 and all the scenes with Clint "Gentle Ben" Howard as the mad scientist/tuner.
  18. mustafa

    Tent trailer and desert wind

    We had one in our camp last weekend and we had some heavy winds on Friday and it held up well. They parked their truck in front of it to deflect some of the wind. They said it was very loud though.
  19. mustafa

    Fried turkey

    Thank you for all of the suggestions. It turned out great and it was much easier than I expected. I will be doing it again for Christmas.
  20. mustafa

    Pastrana...This could be bad!

    I think he has night terrors. You wake up to blood curdling screams and don't remember any of it.