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    Los Ancianos Enduro Dec. 6, 2014

    Back by Popular Demand, The Los Ancianos MC will be doing the Enduro again in Baja this year, December 6th and starting conveniently at Rancho Santa Veronica just outside Tecate, BC. If you love to ride or race in Baja, or you love single track, this Enduro is for you. Don't hesitate, there's a...
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    Baja 1000 Pre Run Pictures?

    Let's see some pictures of the course from RM-400 to RM-650. RAKsandiego
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    Carnage Circus photo

    Here's some pictures from this weekend Carnage Circus trip to Mike. Rain, Snow and Mud = FUN! if you did freeze to death. Long live the "Carnage Circus" RAK
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    The Carnage Circus is coming to Town!

    Fare Warning: The "Carnage Circus" will be back in Baja this Friday-Sunday, so if your anywhere between Tecate and Mike's Sky Ranch on these dates...keep your eyes open for a bunch of Alcoholic's with a Dirt Bike Problem. Or, if you get passed by a Senior Citizen at twice the speed that you...
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    Tecate Hare Scrambles.

    Six days and counting.....are you ready?
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    Tecate Hare Scrambles Course is Shaping Up!

    The time is drawing closer for the Tecate Hare Scrambles and several of the Legendary Los Ancianos course builders were hard at work yesterday building new sections for all the registered racers to enjoy. Don't forget to sign up early to guarantee yourself a starting position at...
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    BBB-4 Ride Report?

    OK Teem you've had at least 12 hours rest....not. Now lets see some pics from last weekends BBB-4 and let me know where that hotel is. RAK
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    Need Race Frequencies for new Radio

    Hi Everyone, I just purchased a new radio that should be ready for pickup tomorrow. The guy I'm buying it from said he'd pre-program what ever frequencies I wanted. I don't have the ones I want memorized and would have to wait until I get home tonight to turn on my truck radio to get them...
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    San Felipe - Matlock Racing???

    Dose anyone know what place Wayne Matlock finished in at the San Felipe 250 today?
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    Follow the Race on PC

    I'm flying down to La Paz this Wednesday and want to be able to follow a couple of friends on my laptop. Q: What website will I need to log onto and will I need to buy any software? Thanks. RAK San Diego
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    RAK San Diego

    WOW I can't believe that I've been on RDC for so many years and never posted. Guess I've been spending to much time on ThumperTalk. I've been riding Baja all my life and for the last several years I have be bringing my son (16 years old) along to enjoy the life style that is Baja!