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    Where to dispose of old fuel drum?

    Usually the place that you buy them from charges you at least a $25 deposit so they should take them back. That is what the place we buy fuel from does.
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    Plaster City - Don't be a Dick

    Doug I am sure there will be access down Payne Rd to road crossings, so I would like everyone to know that there a couple farms on that road with tractor trailer rigs and farm equipment going up and down Payne Rd all day and night so if everyone could be safe and slow in that area it would be...
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    King of The Desert

    Come out and race. http://amad38.com/RaceFlyers/KOTD-ONLINE-FLYER2.pdf
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    Unknown 3X3 Trailing Arms Please Help

    those centers look like chevy 1/2 ton nuckles cut down and welded in, or fabbed in. But sure looks like chevy bolt pattern.
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    7s build, advice needed

    Hey Ramsey, leave the guys in other classes alone and worry about your own car and class. I do not see anyone in 7s protesting alot and they all pretty much know every body elses trucks. Just tired of guys from other classes complaining about things that don't pertain to their class.
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    Racing in Plaster City

    I am sad to say that Doug has had to cancel the December 4th race:( :( . I know this will make some people mad but I don't really care. To all the racers that say that they want to keep racing in Plaster City step up and put your money where your mouth is!! To all the racers that come out...
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    another con

    I have been away for a while, and just recently posted my kids bike in the classifieds and this is now the second scam email I have recieved. Look out everyone. This message from: c.strong64@yahoo.com to ( ad # 4728 ) Dear Seller, l am looking to buy your bike for my cousin thats why i...
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    Selling a 2-stroke nowdays????

    You guy's want to get wierd looks riding a two stroke show up riding my bike, TM 300e. That will get some questions asked. It will run with any 4 stroke out there.
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    MDR, Rating=0

    4. Cheating EVERYWHERE. When your mother tells you she saw so-and-so cheat in the infield, thats embarrassing! You know who you are! From where we were sitting we could see the big jump in the infield and the turns after it. There were quite a few cars that just went around the bale instead...
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    Info on truck #839

    Crew home safe and sound now thanks for the info.
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    class 10 engine prices ?

    Right out of the Score rule book, single seat water cooled 1700cc's ieght valve ,water cooled 1650cc's 26 valve engine, 1915cc push rod air cooled. 2 seat 1880cc water cooled eight valve,1750cc water cooled 16 valve, 2000cc push rod engine.No rtoary-piston engine. this is from page 98 class 10...
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    THE KING OF THE DESERT 250-- Who's racing?

    Cars no problem.
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    Pass Alert Sensors / Satellite Tracking Thread

    Just like the Rally Track, if it is mandatory for one class (spend the money) then everyone needs to have it (spend the money). If it used as a safety item them use it for safety of all.
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    Lift Options for 04-06 F150 4x4

    Total Chaos has a kit also with your choice of shocks.
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    f1 glass

    Sent you a PM
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    Pinging 22re???

    You may have too much carbon on the pistons along with the wrong distributor. Decarbon engine and install correct distributor, and give it a try.
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    Anyone using these shocks?

    I know one of the guys behind those shocks(Ronnie), a customer of mine runs his other style(conventional bypass) shocks on the rear of a 10 car and they work great. So from past experience they should be good shock.
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    You take your chnces with anything that says bulletproof. Just depends on what you want to try. Gordon and Coynes trucks run V-drives not real sure which one though.
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    Where can I get tubing separators

    You might try your local buggy shop(sand car place) they may have something that will work with little insulation to keep from rubbing holes in the pipes.
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    Re-valving Shocks

    If you need the chart give Sway A Way a call. They will send you a chart or PM me and I will send you one. Sway A Way sends the charts out with all new shocks(usually).