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    King of The Desert

    Come out and race. http://amad38.com/RaceFlyers/KOTD-ONLINE-FLYER2.pdf
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    Racing in Plaster City

    I am sad to say that Doug has had to cancel the December 4th race:( :( . I know this will make some people mad but I don't really care. To all the racers that say that they want to keep racing in Plaster City step up and put your money where your mouth is!! To all the racers that come out...
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    another con

    I have been away for a while, and just recently posted my kids bike in the classifieds and this is now the second scam email I have recieved. Look out everyone. This message from: c.strong64@yahoo.com to ( ad # 4728 ) Dear Seller, l am looking to buy your bike for my cousin thats why i...
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    Info on truck #839

    Crew home safe and sound now thanks for the info.
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    Hello guys and gals my name is Davin. Just opened my shop and sending a 10 car to the 1000. Had a decent showing at primm finished 6th out of 22 starters. FLats and a slow motor slowed the car. Any how see you all at the 1000.