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  1. UTVinc

    V2R TT 63 Polaris RZR Truck Video is Live

    Thanks for checking it out !!
  2. UTVinc

    Johnny Angal Vegas to Reno Race Report

    WELL DAMN, DREAMS DO COME TRUE! I’ve only been racing for 4½ years, I started in a Polaris RZR that we built in my shop. We went out to my first race and I was hooked! I race my RZR for a year and a half, won a couple of races, even a Baja 1000 and a Best in the Desert Championship. I loved...
  3. UTVinc

    My TT63 Race Report MInt 400

    2018 MINT 400 TRICK TRUCK #63 RACE REPORT RACE REPORTS MARCH 13, 2018 2018 Mint 400 Johnny Angal #63 Trick Truck Race Report p/b Polaris RZR We all know the race really starts long before the actual race with preparation. So, lets start way back at the end of the first race of the year, the...
  4. UTVinc

    TT63 Parker 425 Video is up

  5. UTVinc

    Trophy Truck 63 Parker 425 Race Report

    2018 PARKER 425 JOHNNY ANGAL #63 TRICK TRUCK RACE REPORT Polaris RZR Factory Racing Well after a kind of disappointing 2017 Best in the Desert race season in the Trick Truck 63… we missed two races last season just because life got in the way. You know divorces have a way of screwing with...
  6. UTVinc

    Vegas to Reno Trick Truck Race Report

    Johnny Angal TT63 – Polaris RZR – Vegas to Reno 2017 We will call this report ‘Mind Games’ So… after the Method Race Wheels Laughlin Classic, a race we finished in 6th place, in the new to us Trophy Truck we would start getting the truck ready for Vegas to Reno. Since my truck prep guy...
  7. UTVinc

    Johnny Angal Laughlin Desert Challenge Trick Truck Race Report

    2017 Laughlin Method Race Wheels Desert Classic Polaris RZR Factory Racing Johnny Angal Trick Truck #63 Here we go! Well some of you know I had some **** happen and I missed the Mint 400. I was so bummed and disappointed but yah, **** happens. The truck was close to ready for the Laughlin...
  8. UTVinc

    My Mint 400 Prerace Report

    Mint 400 Pre Race Report Polaris RZR Factory Racing From The Highest of Highs to the Lowest of Lows !!! So I am sitting around waiting for the Mint 400, maybe a bit nervous, or maybe just excited with a bit of ‘what the I failed high school am I doing?’ Racing a full on Trick Truck at the Mint 400! Now some...
  9. UTVinc

    My First Trick Truck BITD Race Report

    Polaris RZR Parker 425 Race Report Johnny Angal Trick Truck #63 So as most of you know by now after racing the Polaris RZR for a just over a year I won the Best in the Desert UTV Championship and the UTV Grand Championship in 2015. So I decided I wanted to step up the game a little and bought a...
  10. UTVinc

    My Rage at the River Video 1st TT Race is up

    Huge shout out to Tuba Art always killing it on coverage of the races
  11. UTVinc

    First Time Ive Driven a Trick Truck Rage Report

    SNORE Rage at the River Johnny Angal Polaris RZR Racing Race Report Unlimited Truck Category Well damn, yep another race report but this one’s a little different! After racing a full season in Best in the Desert in the Spec Class Trick Truck and finishing off the year in Second Place in...
  12. UTVinc

    6120 Bluewater clip from TubaArt

    I love Racing !!!!! Huge Thanks to Polaris RZR Method Race Wheels FOX Rigid Industries - LED Lighting Wolf Designs and my Bad ass team for getting us here... Polaris RZR
  13. UTVinc

    6100 action from the Mint 400

    Thanks to the guys at mad media for putting this together for me Bad Ass Clip from our friends at mad media of our Polaris RZR 6100 Trick Truck at the Mint 400
  14. UTVinc

    UTVinc Polaris RZR Race Report RZR and Spec TT

    The Mint 400 Race Report - Johnny Angal - BITD & Score Racer
  15. UTVinc

    Parker 6100 Class Newbie Race report

    BITD Parker 425 Race Report : Class 6100 – Johnny Angal – BITD & Score Racer
  16. UTVinc

    IV250 Polaris RZR Turbo Race Report

    Score International Imperial Valley 250 Johnny Angal #1921 — Polaris RZR XP Turbo ITP Tires Let’s see where do we start? ... We just raced the new Polaris RZR Turbo car at the Vegas to Reno Race and finished in 5th place. We had some problems with our aftermarket axle shafts we had made as we...
  17. UTVinc

    Vintage Class 8

    Id love to Find a Vintage Class 8 truck to restore and play with in my spare time .. send me a message if anybody knows of a cool one with some history hiding .. Please and Thank You
  18. UTVinc

    UTVinc Polaris RZR San Felipe Race Report

    2015 San Felipe race report Utvinc.com Polaris RZR racing First off I would like to thank all of our great sponsors that make this possible; Polaris RZR XP1000, Fox racing shocks, ITP tires, Method race wheels, Lone Star Racing suspension, Wolf Designs wraps, PCI race radios, Rigid Industries...
  19. UTVinc

    I lost a $1000.00 Bet at the 500

    can anybody come help me bust all these rolls open ? lol your money is shipping today
  20. UTVinc

    My First Baja 500 yaya in a UTV

    What in the world would make a grown man pee his pants and sit in those pee pants all day you ask ? A practical joke? A weak Bladder? A few Bucks from a bet? Hell No …… But, to be an off road racer you will have do what it takes. You know.. because risking your life is not enough. Racing thru...