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  1. CoiloverKid

    I'm back...from the land of the rising sun!

    I dont know if any of you guys will remember me... I did rallying/prerunning back in the day with a full built group N impreza... ..Well, I'm back from Japan. I've been doing tuning/fabrication there for about a year, and i'm back in so-cal, with a vengeance! I've since built myself a...
  2. CoiloverKid

    *Gravelcrew* -max it out video shoot- (pics)

    ...We here at the Gravelcrew believe in providing quality entertainment . Max It Out video has been kind enough to feature us in their next movie and this the result of the video shoot for the day. to some of you it may not seem like alot of air, but for our rally cars it is! enjoy. First it...
  3. CoiloverKid

    Ridgecrest Rally-x: that time again!

    It's that time again. Feb 28th! Dont forget the class sessions too. Class fills up fast. Don't learn these important life lessons in the gutter, learn from experts. The most fun you can have in your car alone. Cheap, fun, informative, fast paced, hands on and highly recommended. CRS/SCCA...
  4. CoiloverKid

    Rally Turkey ... Discuss it here!!

    From RallyLive: --------------------- The 555 Subaru World Rally Team will be entering regular drivers Tommi Mäkinen and Petter Solberg in the Rally of Turkey. Both will be eligible to score Manufacturer's points for the team. Both newcomers to the Turkish event, Tommi and Petter will be...
  5. CoiloverKid

    No Safari Rally for 2003?

    i hear they're pulling the safari rally out of the line-up for 2003 WRC, and running it as a separate stand alone race...kind of disappointing isnt it?? i wonder how dependent kenya is on the rally economically. -- Keep it sideways--
  6. CoiloverKid

    D-Day R/C race?

    what do you think? i know this should be in the games/rc section but thought this would get more views. i dont think a real race could be organised, but hell, i'll bring my R/C out anyways...anyone for it? Keep it sideways.
  7. CoiloverKid

    RC reservoir shocks

    does anyone know about these; or anyone used them? Do they work? the company says that you can adjust preload and 4-way one-click damping and everything..the company is progressive suspension. i'm thinking about getting them ... but i'm not sure if they really work. Keep it sideways.
  8. CoiloverKid

    Who wants to build a long travel integra?

    i have aquired an 88 integra, for the low price of 400 bucks. now, i've given it alot of thought. is it physically possible to build a long travel integra? a whole custom front end and such? any takers to build it? FISHDOOD inspired this with the general, but i want 12+ inches in the front end...
  9. CoiloverKid

    in-car video footage w/ allister mcrae

    this is 8 minutes long, but it's not really huge.its a full stage with allister mcrae at the wheel romping through what looks like the french countryside. i stumbled upon it while looking for something else, and it's really cool! you cant hear the codriver though... <A target="_blank"...
  10. CoiloverKid

    Colin McRae V. 3.0 screenshots

    this SHOULD be in the video game section, but i think it's ample reason to put here.This is Colin Mcrae rally 3, for the PC, X-Box, and PS2. It will be the most realistic rally driving game EVER.The WRC Focus will alone be a total of 16,000 polygons! The recreation of the Focus in game is not...
  11. CoiloverKid

    10,000th POST!!!

    WOO HOO this is the 10,000th post!! wheee!!!! i feel special, i should get a special title for this or something, kidding. HE'S not lifting, sucka!!!
  12. CoiloverKid

    SCCA escort pic

    i think i have more, but this was at the sand blast. one of my favorite pics that i took that day. Unity Through Prerunning!