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  1. zetapsi827

    I herd foa shocks suck.

    This is good advice, I suggest you listen to this. Also learn to use the search function on the forum. Odds are your questions have already been asked by someone else. People on forums get irritated of answering the same questions over and over too and get irritated. This will happen on any...
  2. zetapsi827

    where to get ss U bends in phoenix?

    Allied Manufacturing Inc 710 West Broadway Road Mesa, AZ 85210-0909 (480) 898-1321
  3. zetapsi827

    where to get ss U bends in phoenix?

    +2 for allied. You can get U, J, and everything bends there. really good prices too.
  4. zetapsi827

    Shock sizes. Do I really need huge ones?bypass?

    Also I'm not sure what you mean about huge. Length or width? I'd say stick to a 2.5". The length of the shocks will depend on how much wheel travel you're looking for and your suspension setup.
  5. zetapsi827

    Shock sizes. Do I really need huge ones?bypass?

    something that light, and for a sand rail, I don't think you need dual shocks and bypass. You should be able to get away with a coil over on each wheel, especially if you're doing a budget build. not sure what springs you should use on them though. There's a lot of shock manufacturers that...
  6. zetapsi827


    scam has been going on for a while. it's always from some soldier going off to war and shipping from _____ location. Craigslist has a major warning on this too on their site.
  7. zetapsi827

    Algadones crossing

    Haven't been down there in a while. I think that border used to close at a certain time at night. Make sure you know before you get down there.
  8. zetapsi827

    Photos of the Year.

    thank you for the great shots kartman. i love the pic of the car racing through the red rock canyon.
  9. zetapsi827

    Sports Cars

    The Rival for that STI would be the Mitsubishi Evo. I think those two cars are the best "practical sports cars". Top Gear loves these two cars too. YouTube- Mitsubishi Evo vs. Subaru Impreza - Top Gear - BBC
  10. zetapsi827

    The Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day

    no Dafoe though. sad panda.
  11. zetapsi827

    Looking for new fiberglass body design.

    I'm not sure I understand your question very well, but I really like the Dejong fiberglass http://www.dejongsandcars.com/
  12. zetapsi827

    Lemons Firebird Raceway.

    first time i've ever heard of this. sure sounds more fun than barrett jackson.
  13. zetapsi827

    Using a '09 Nissan Frontier—Thoughts? Concerns?

    I love the frontier. I think it's a really good platform for a truck. Just a couple of thoughts. Why not go for the V6 4.0L? You also mentioned a Titan rear end, but I didn't see anything about the Titan front end. I'm sure you've done your research though and found out that you can use the...
  14. zetapsi827

    Teaching your kid to ride a bike.

    What you need is the gyrobike. This thing is awesome. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cbfe2_2DDc0
  15. zetapsi827

    Where To Start?

    The first thing you should do before you start investing some money in it is figuring out the ownership. Make sure everyone's name is on the title of that vehicle. Trust me, the last thing you want is for there to be a fallout within the group, and one person ends up screwing everybody b/c his...
  16. zetapsi827

    Cell Phones in Mexico

    My parents have Alltel, and works great down there.
  17. zetapsi827

    Reptilian Monster Seen at Powder Puff

    one of those was chilling under our tent at the Mexicana Logistics 300. scared it away twice and it kept coming back.
  18. zetapsi827

    The Official Baja Passport Thread

    i think you can use your birth certificate and ID. It just needs to be the original, no photocopies. i'd get a card if all you do is drive and walk to mexico, get the actual passport though if you plan on flying in the near future.
  19. zetapsi827

    Fuel Pump Issues

    Do you know how many GPH this pump flows? Filter bag inside the cell?? Where exactly is that? In the pickup line?
  20. zetapsi827

    Fuel Pump Issues

    Didn't check the pickup line, just the foam. The engine is completely stock, even the injection system.