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  1. Retro Francis

    2018 50th MINT 400 VINTAGE Classes

    Hey everyone, With this year being the 50th year of the MINT 400 it should be very Important that you get your entries in as soon as they are out. BITD told me that they should be mailed out some time next week, so keep an eye out. This year I will be working with Kilian at Mad Media on the...
  2. Retro Francis

    BITD Laughlin Desert Challenge May 11-14th

    The Laughlin Desert Challenge is coming up May 11-14th. It a great 2 day race with a course that fits Vintage class cars perfectly. we race in the first race in the morning and are done bye 10:30 am, then have the rest of the day to prep the cars for the next day then relax the rest of the day...
  3. Retro Francis

    MINT 400 Pit support

    If any of the Vintage cars for the MINT need pit support Paul Schaffer (MAS TACOS) will be running Pit 2 again this year. Contact him or comment here for more info. It would be great if each team that needs support would send one team member to help. That way someone will be there that knows...
  4. Retro Francis


    Hey Guys and Gals, It's that time of year again. Looking for a head count of who is planning to race the Mint this year. Also remember that we have a longer gap between the Mint and Norra this year. Plenty of time to get your cars prepped after the Mint. I will be entering two of the Retro...
  5. Retro Francis


    The MINT 400 entries just came out. If your planing on racing one of the vintage class you better get your entries in quick. It WILL fill up fast... Also make sure you look at the new BITD pit rules regarding refueling and driving suit requirements . And if you have any questions fell free to...
  6. Retro Francis

    Vintage Class rules for BITD. Heavy metal cars

    To help give some teams that have 82 and down race cars such as Early Broncos, Class 3,4,6,8 type cars, I have come up with the following. If your car is period correct except for shocks, you are allowed to run one (1) Bi-pass per wheel. No Coil-overs of any type. Not to be mixed with other...
  7. Retro Francis

    VINTAGE PRO Class for BITD 2016 Points series

    Spoke with Casey this morning, and after the Vintage cars being so well received at the MINT and Bluewater Casey has agreed to have a points series for Vintage cars in 2016 as a PRO Class. The 4 points races will be the MINT 400, Laughlin challenge, Vegas to Reno, and Blue water Challenge. The...
  8. Retro Francis

    74 YZ250A for sale

    I don't know if this is the right place to post this, as I am generally on the vintage car side of things. I am cleaning out my toys and have a really nice 74 YZ250a. It has been nicely restored all except the wheels. I want to finish some of my other projects. Contact me if interested. Thanks
  9. Retro Francis


    Aug 8th is Off Road Nights at the Temecula mall. Last year was a really big thing. This year should be even better. Ratt Sult the promotor has told me that if we get enough Vintage cars that he will give us our own spot. I think we have 5 cars so far that want to show up. This is a great place...
  10. Retro Francis

    Blue Water Desert Challenge

    I spoke to Casey at BITD this morning. There will be a Vintage class for 82" and down race cars at this years Blue Water Challenge in Parker Oct. 8-11. I believe we have 5 cars wanting to race already. If you have any Questions feel free to contact me @ 951-233-3825. Thanks.
  11. Retro Francis

    Bob Maynard to race NORRA 1000

    Bob Maynard will be driving his old FUNCO SSII at this years NORRA 1000. He will be driving with Jim Hodge in his old car that was rebuilt by Retro Racing. It took me about 6 weeks to track Bob down, But when I did he was really excited about driving his old car again. Now all I have to do it...
  12. Retro Francis

    Vegas to Reno

    We almost have the Maynord / Haliburda ready for NORRA. Jim Hodge should nave a good time in this car and I really hope it feels like his old SANDMASTER Funco or better when he's racing. As long as he has a Smile on his face... Our next race for the RETRO Racing cars will BITD Vegas to Reno in...
  13. Retro Francis


    Spoke to Casey Folks, He has agreed to have a VINTAGE Class at this years MINT 400! The class will be for 1983 and under race cars. Two (2) laps. and a lower entry fee of $1000. You can down load your entry form at BITD.COM. It's a start of something very good and I know NORRA is very close, But...
  14. Retro Francis

    Mint 400 Vintage Class ?

    Hey guys, I spoke to Matt Martelli (who owns the MINT 400) today about racing my Funco at the upcoming Mint 400.I will be entering my car in class 12, But we also talked about a vintage class. Matt felt that if we can get enough interest in such a class it could happen. Matt suggested to email...