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    CORR Cribs with Gene Woods/Deja Vu Racing

    Took a while to get this up but here it is. You can always go straight to YouTube direct and click on the "high quality" link to watch the video in a higher res. Enjoy! YouTube - CORR CRIBS - GENE WOODS RACING
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    Room tonight in primm for sale!!!

    I have a room tonight 9/4 at Primm Valley if anyone needs it. Had to cancel last minute. If anyone wants it I will call in and get it changed to your name. Let me know. Rate is 109.95 tonight but with the SCORE code you should be able to get it cheaper.
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    Huge Sale/Show/bbq@ 4WParts El Cajon this Sat!

    EL Cajon 4 Wheel Parts is having our annual March Madness Sale this saturday 3/8. Store opens at 9am, closes @ 6. Bring your prerunners down and put them on display. Anyone that is willing to bring down a vehicle for display will get hooked up with something for free. Want to sell something...
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    What weight SWEPCO in toyota manual transmission?

    For a tacoma 4wd manual transmission...I run the 212 (80-140 weight) in the rear end, do I need to run something lighter in the trans? Thanks. -Ryan
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    Where can I get a 22" long 3/4" bolt?

    I need two 22" long, 3/4" diameter grade 8 or better bolts. I have searched far and wide and called every place I can think of and no one has anything like that in stock, and they arent sure if they can make them. Fine thread or corse thread it doesnt matter. A hex head is preferred but a...
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    Halloween Glamis Video

    Here it is...there are a few glitches due to Final cut pro and vegas video not meshing well together, so sorry about that. Thanks to Fish for getting it online and ESB Mike for hosting it. Enjoy! http://www.esbfabrications.com/glamishallo.wmv -Ryan
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    Dual batteries in the back...

    Going to wire up dual optima red tops in the rear cage of the toyota this weekend. Any pointers would be great as I hate doing electrical work. What cable is best to use? Welding cable? -Ryan
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    Need a list of 2003 points champs for SCORE....

    If anyone knows a website where I can find a list of all the points champs for all classes in SCORE for the 2003 race season, that would be greatly appreciated...I already did the obvious and SCORE's site only has a list for 2002 points champs. Thanks guys. -Ryan
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    The Map singing the Star Spangled Banner???

    So RoadMap calles me yesterday and wants to know the words to the national anthem....she says she's gonna try to sing it at the start of the race on sat morning if they will let her. Bottom line? Everyone that goes to Primm needs to support the Map tonight and give her encouragement to do it...
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    I just confirmed through my sources that Greg G is ahead of Dan by 1 second in the Del Mar fair tough truck competition after the first round.....second round starts at 5pm. Craig blew a tire on his first round of racing also..thats about it except the word is that trucks are getting OWNED by...
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    Deaver Meeting

    Just wanted to say thanks to Deaver and OC prerunners for putting it on, we had a great time and wow the weather even stayed nice. Special thanks to Eric and his guys for hooking me up with some badly needed parts...you guys kick ass. -Ryan <font color="blue"> </font color>
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    Laughlin Rocks!

    What an awesome race.......One of the best weekends of my life, and also my 24th birthday on thursday night...needless to say I dont remember much after everyone decided to replace my brain with alcohal at Loosers....yeah. Big shout to RDC's own Rhi aka ROADMAP for a strong second in "the...
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    I have to give first place to JrSyko's sig picture......just thought I would tell all you that. Heidi Klum is friggin hot. -Ryan bonzenproductions.com
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    Ocotillo this weekend

    It should be a pretty big trip this weekend...at least thats the word. Just giving the heads up if anyone is thinking about cruising out we'll be there. -Ryan bonzenproductions.com
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    Who's going to Glamis?

    Who\'s going to Glamis? Yeah, who's heading out this week/weekend? Speak up guys and gals. -Ryan bonzenproductions.com
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    Glamis Sand Drags

    Does anyone know why there is no lip at the start of the sand drags? I heard that they (BLM) bulldozed it flat so no one could get air.....well it seems to me that no jump would just allow everyone else that doesnt jump to just drive in twice as fast, therefore creating more possible danger...
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    Glamis Poker Run

    Hey all. Participated in the Glamis poker run yesterday and I have to say it was a blast. The turnout was huge, hundreds of duners showed up. We basically went to 3 of the major hills, Brawley Slide, Comp, and Olds, picked up some trash along the way, went deep into the dunes, and mingled...
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    DDay Pics..where to find them...

    Last year there was like 4-5 sites that had sandblast pics up, and for sale....so what are the sites to go check out besides Fish's and Prospectator. Thanks guys. -Ryan
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    Off ROad Expo

    The expo was pretty cool. Lots of trucks, more than last year, and a lot of new ideas floating around. Of course the mullets and the rednecks but hey, there needs to be an equal amount of all styles, right? Also wanted to say it was cool meeting some new people like Steve from camburg...
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    PRIMM Coverage

    A great time was had by all. Lots of fun at the race and at Buffalo's. It's always great to see everyone and hang out. Had to play locos mocos to a few injured race vehicles, pulling them off the course while the trophy trucks and other fast cars and trucks screemed by only a few feet...