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    good coverage torq race

    watching the torq race , nice tv work and good commentating
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    drove my first prolight lastnight

    went to barona yesterday and ran the # 22 chevrolet prolight on the dirt oval. Matt Barney was kind enough for a few sessions with his crew members ! After everyones hard work it was there turn at the wheel for once. Kenny was a mad man and drove it like a pro. , i wasn't really planning on...
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    dan crower - new to this place # 22 pro light chevrolet

    sounds like theres a lot of racers in here and im happy to be part of this off road group. My family has been in the parts buisness for a cool 50 year run and we are here to race and supply product to teams and racers at all levels.My current project is the # 22 chevrolet powered pro light of...