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  1. 65fordls2

    3 link suspension

    Hey guys, I have been designing my 3 link suspension and just recently put it into a link calculator off of pirate 4x4. Can you guys give me some feedback on how the values and such look like? Thanks
  2. 65fordls2

    Reccomendations on shock tuning shops???

    Hey everybody, I just wanted to get everyone's opinions/experiences with shock tuning shops. I am looking to meet them and have them assist in tuning my new shocks. I am located in Nor-Cal, but willing to drive down south. Any reccomendations on who to call up, their prices, and what are your...
  3. 65fordls2

    Solo Motorsports built 1995 Bronco Pre-Runner rebuild

    Hey, what's up race-dezert, I am Chase a 16 year old sophomore in high-school. I grew up with my dad racing off-road and have grown into the sport practically. I am soon to get my drivers licence and plan to have this build finished within time of me getting my licence. We found this bronco that...
  4. 65fordls2

    Go-Pro Mounts

    Where can I find some reliable Go-Pro mounts to mount to my truck to attach a Go-Pro to? I have seen metal mounts that people have welded to their cage before and I was curious if they made these or how they came across them? Thanks.
  5. 65fordls2

    Places to drive in Nor Cal?

    Hi, i am looking to test my prerunner that i have been building for the past 10 years. I am finally to the point where all i have is electrical and i want to test the suspension/ other things.I dont have a Sticker for the truck yet. I live in the bay area in brentwood, so what im asking is does...
  6. 65fordls2


    - How you got into desert racing. My dad - How you have found this website. Google - What vehicle you play with. I play around with a 65 ford prerunner - Your future plans in respect to desert racing. I plan to play around in the dirt and race! - What keeps you busy during the day? Job...
  7. 65fordls2

    Trophy Kart

    Hi, I am looking to buy a Trophy Kart, and i was curious what the max height a driver can be to comfortably fit in a trophy kart stock as seen here: http://gokartsusa.com/trophykart.aspx I am 5'8" and dont want to buy it and not comfortably fit in it. Also if i am to big for this would a trophy...