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    are these worth it?

    i was wondering if these are worth the money in a 5.0 ranger swap i want thes so when im in the desert i just turn the truck off walk aroungd and take off the wingnuts and add a few hp http://www.summitracing.com/parts/PYE-XVX10/
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    racetown 395 2011 adelnto gp whos going to race

    hey was wondering if any of you guys were racing in it looks like itll be great with the new location was wonderin whos doin what classs also im in the womens early race on sunday because inm 14 and ride a 250 haha so does my buddy ho is also racing my dad will race either over 30 or over 40 as...
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    302 in a 2002 ranger street legal

    is it possible? how much would it run me from a junk yard? what transmission? what size tires? which axle? what gears? its is going to be leaf sprung with custom front l/t. im trying to decide if i should buy a tubing bender or motor first it has a 3.slow that does ok but...
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    suspension analyzer v.2 HELP!!!!!!!

    hey i really need help if you could explain it to me that would be greatly apreciated thankyou im trying to make a center mount suspension and one for a stock ranger L/T of course. thank in advance.
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    fiberglass ?

    hey i was wondering about this for a while im guna need to make custom bed sides for my ranger when it gets to that point is guna be really wide out back and 4-linked is it really that hard im guna be patching some glass this weekend so that isnt hard but im just wonderin about the mold making...
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    solid works questions

    i have a few questions about solid works such as where do i buy it? do i have to have a certain type of computer? do i need to buy anything more than the program? is it hard to make things in it? i have used google sketch-up if it is even comparable. i will be using it to design rear links and...
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    jacob new from apple valley

    im interested in off-roading of any sort right now i have a 4x4 explorer that i want to get rid of for a ranger im in school and dont have much anything else happening