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  1. Ilovebaja

    San Felipe 250 (Are you ready)

    don't forget to lock down your stuff so it does not get stolen
  2. Iggle

    GPS Tracker

    ...me some input here. Has anybody found a reliable battery powered GPS tracker to put in race trailers, race cars, etc in the event it gets stolen? And are there any available that do not have a monthly fee? And are the ones without monthly fees reliable? Americaloc gps tracker this one...
  3. dan200

    Camp RDC at KOH

    ...something to make signs with. it will make it much easier to find eachother out the in the camping area. Its not like there are street signs but there are some sponsor signs along the road in and out. They can be landmarks but dont count on them not getting stolen. Turdfaces steal the banners
  4. JRod

    Pistol OK?

    Of course you're not a lawyer - what lawyer in his right mind would have told Pete to call "the Cop?" You're a crappy lawyer, but a great friend and so was Pete. I am really glad I got to talk to him - even if he was probably calling me hoping I would tell him "finders keepers" was some...
  5. ndvalium

    Pistol OK?

    As a side note, the trailer came back stolen yesterday....
  6. dan200

    Pistol OK?

    Pete called me earlier this week. I had seen earlier in the day that someone had dumped what was very likely to be a stolen trailer on the street in front of his house. “Hi Pete” “I m calling you because you’re my lawyer” “This is about that trailer, huh?” “Yea” “And you want me to tell you...
  7. L

    Stolen Last Night! $1,000. Reward. 1999 Ford 250sd Super Cab, White, license plate number...

    Stolen Last Night! $1,000. Reward. 1999 Ford 250sd Super Cab, White, license plate number 7K15628 and 2007 Toyhauler, Carson Fun Runner, 22ft tonge pull, license plate number 1LF2102 and (2) 2007 Honda TRX450's 1 is red and 1 is white. This is my dad's (David Lippincott) only thing left in life...
  8. michael_loomis

    ★ Dakar 2019 - Stage 9: Pisco > Pisco

    Or just gave the speed limit the bird? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. vegasloki

    ★ Dakar 2019 - Stage 9: Pisco > Pisco

    Must have stolen a Can-Am from someone...
  10. J

    KOH newb

    ...chair right there at the jumbotron. Someone may sit in it or fold it up if you're gone forever, but no one steals them. At least they haven't stolen mine yet. This will be my 4th year attending as a spectator. Dust is EVERYWHERE. I highly recommend bringing a sleeve or something to help with...
  11. Zac Reish

    Class 5 only

    ...fix it, borrow, derek pocerana's sunday navigator and head back to qualify. Get a call from an employee and he tells me a work van was stolen. Great!! Whatever I'm racing. I pass tech go back and realize they didn't ask for transponder. I race back up, go back with transponder, go back, they...
  12. MasTacos

    A Little help finding BIG RED. Please & Thank you.

    I added a Ravelco to my F350 and am stoked about it, if the Ravelco key isn't in, that thing is a brick. The tech came to my work and installed it right there, super easy all around.
  13. johndjmix

    2018 51st SCORE Baja 1000 Race Week Thread - Map, live video, tracking, updates, discussion, etc.

    Had 2 light bars stolen, one off my UTV and one on my raptor. Both Rigid and they broke them trying to get them off. $1,600 lost. Sucks. Truck and UTV were parked behind a 8’ wall/gate at a airbnb house. The “highway” south of San Felipe was more of a trail. Most of it was like 4 wheeling...
  14. B

    roadkills mazdarti stolen in blythe.

    its a 74 yellow mazda midengine blown 455 olds,if you see it.email [email protected]
  15. Fesco

    A Little help finding BIG RED. Please & Thank you.

    We kept getting our work trucks stolen until we started installing Ravelco anti theft devices on them. We also put them on every one of our trucks that haul enclosed trailers after reading about so many of those thefts. Check out www.ravelco.com
  16. MasTacos

    A Little help finding BIG RED. Please & Thank you.

    Was it stolen in Baja or in the US?
  17. Desert Son

    A Little help finding BIG RED. Please & Thank you.

    ...they're a part of us and BIG RED is no acceptation. Big Red knows the Deserts of Mexico, and the Tallest snow filled peaks of the western hemisphere. While down in Baja if you could keep a eye out for BIG RED it would be greatly appreciated. :Truck and RZR in photos are what was stolen.
  18. JenMorton

    US based racing

    ...Polaris now, you struck a nerve by saying you’ll leave your stuff in the US where it’s safe and rent a truck and let someone else’s s*** get stolen, not cool. You came across as arrogant by describing your stuff as more valuable than say the trophy trucks and other bad ass & VERY expensive...
  19. RacingTraX

    Baja 1000 Race-to-Chase Tracking

    ...every 4 minutes on our live race day map at RacingTraX.com and we update your chase vehicle's locations every 30 minutes... unless it gets stolen... then we'll ping it right away so you can go get your truck back ;) We have been using these trackers down in Baja since 2014 and they are...