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    Vintage Desert Race Truck

    I used to maintain Jim Venable’s Unlimited Class 5 car back in the day. My passion was always to race a V8 powered truck like Rod Hall, Jim Mears and many others at that time. As life goes when I had money I had no time, when I had time no money. I bought this old race truck from a Hemet racer...
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    Vintage '74 Chevy step side NORRA race truck

    If you're looking for a vintage race truck to participate in NORRA and other vintage races this truck might be for you. The truck is a '74 Chevy step side 4 x 4. I I've been preparing this truck to race with my sons in the vintage classes for the last couple of years. Events have changed and I...
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    Hello my name is OldIron. I am restoring an old class 4 chevy truck. Will post pictures.