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  1. schifanelli

    Mark: Are you available to build I-beams for an old Class 8 Ford? possible repair of what we...

    Mark: Are you available to build I-beams for an old Class 8 Ford? possible repair of what we have, not sure what is causing our failures. thank you!
  2. schifanelli

    Results of 2013 Mint

  3. schifanelli

    Results of 2013 Mint

    Ouch...they still went farther than we did!
  4. schifanelli

    Results of 2013 Mint

    Class 8 results?
  5. schifanelli

    Holiday Fundraiser Donation Brings Unexpected Result

    Amen! Keep up your good work, and have a wonderful Christmas Season.
  6. schifanelli

    Is Class 3 the new Class 8?

    I am on a personal mission to bring Class 8 back to a respectable level. "Like"
  7. schifanelli

    *OFFICIAL* SCORE Baja 1000 Update Thread

    Is this his Class 8 or a new truck?
  8. schifanelli

    Why I'm here....

    Sometimes we all need a friendly reminder of why we race, thank you
  9. schifanelli

    Vegas to Reno Class 8

    anyone have finishing order and times?
  10. schifanelli

    SNORE nite race?

    Thanks Pat, you and all the SNORE volunteers are awesome. Hopefully we have an engine, if not, we'll volunteer somewhere
  11. schifanelli

    No more dezert racing!!

    Thank you to all the SNORE officials and volunteers for your tireless efforts!
  12. schifanelli

    Race-Dezert.com LIVE Coverage Of The Baja 500!

    Prayers for those injured...
  13. schifanelli

    Mint 400 updates???

    LeDuc won Class 8 on 37's and no fame notch...just sayin
  14. schifanelli

    ***Sober Suicide and the Mint 400***

    Jason, you just wrote the rule book for "Heavy Metal"
  15. schifanelli

    Official 2010 Baja 1K thread

    IRC continues to improve, and it appears that Robby's tracker worked all night. Finish should be epic!
  16. schifanelli

    Snore Ridgecrest updates ?

    Have fun, if you have time to take notice of the Class 8 race, please post
  17. schifanelli

    Happy Birthday America!!!

    God Bless our Desert Family! “But change would not mean rejection of the past. Like a tree growing strong through the seasons, rooted in the Earth and drawing life from the Sun, so, too, positive change must be rooted in traditional values—in the land, in culture, in family and community..."...
  18. schifanelli

    8 trucks

    Isn't that up to the current SCORE Class 8 drivers?