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  1. mv181aa

    Doubt about LOORRS and LucasOilTV

    Rain...LOL like Crandon isn't knee deep at least one day/weekend a year. Perspective right?
  2. mv181aa

    Need advice on hotel for san felipe

    We have stayed at Hotel Diamante a couple times. It's a bit out of town but cheap, was clean and quiet. They have a courtyard for the chase truck and pre-runner. We had no issues.
  3. mv181aa

    Crandon Cowboy

    RIP Cowboy Glad he made the 50th.
  4. mv181aa

    Open Desert Instruction Experience

    2nd for Wide Open Baja. Great experience.
  5. mv181aa

    On Topic Best Prerunner kit for a 2014 GMC Sierra 1500

    Prerunner kit. Pre-running is a lot of things to a lot of different people. If you want to take a race course at near race speed and you are starting with a daily driver, your plan is going to be wasteful in my opinion. The UTV idea is cheaper or buying an existing pre-runner from a reputable...
  6. mv181aa

    Gun / Protection to Baja for Pre-Run and Race?

    No guns, no spent shells, no evidence at all. One spent shell found at a federale inspection can cost you $$ and time. An actual firearm can cost you time.
  7. mv181aa

    SCORE Stock Fullsize class

    That was Joe Bacall in that LX570 I believe. Pretty sure this is now this truck. CANGURO RACING Monica has matured a bit.
  8. mv181aa

    LOORRS 2018

    any other reports? results?
  9. mv181aa

    San Felipe 250 place to stay

    We have stayed at Hotel Diamante several times. 52-686-573-0316 Hotel Diamante Hot water, courtyard to park, clean.
  10. mv181aa

    Trailer killer highway

    Those with trailer tire issues- as mentioned above Goodyear G614 is a great option. $280 ish a piece gets old fast though they do last and take one hell of a beating. LT235/85R16 14 ply #139229099 We (truck dealer I work for) have used these on our 14k car transport for millions of miles. We...
  11. mv181aa

    Crandon Feedback for Track

    Good comments so far. We had a great time this year as well. After the cup Sunday the gate to 'day parking' was insanely backed up. People were crawling under fences and some climbing over. There was a large gate right next to the ticket booth that would have made the whole process very smooth...
  12. mv181aa

    Why is Yamaha so damn good at LOORRS?

    That was all over the Greaves FB page this winter.
  13. mv181aa

    TT #57, Mike Palmer and Mikey Childress - Shock Testing with Tom Morris

    Mike Palmer's TT #57 Super cool team I had the pleasure of helping at the B1k in 2015. Colorado based.
  14. mv181aa

    Safety on The Ground

  15. mv181aa

    4 cyl prolite

    Many 4cyl pro-lites have been modified to the new cage and engine requirements. I believe LOORS has a sportsman group of 4 cyl still running.
  16. mv181aa

    How do you pre run?

    Just don't forget that safety and preparedness is just as important as a race.
  17. mv181aa

    TORC- Texas

    Kent Brascho- there is a blast from the past.
  18. mv181aa

    LOORRS Coming to Wheatland, MO!!!

    Wheatland was a very nice facility to race last time Lucas had us there. The rain that weekend...wow.
  19. mv181aa

    Post a picture of the ugliest off road race car/truck.

    "fantastically questionable" Just caught me as hilarious. Glad to see booty fab from everywhere else. Some of the short course sportsman classes here in the Midwest combined with years of tough trucking and mud dragging have shown me many cases where this 'fantastically questionable' phrase...
  20. mv181aa

    EPA proposes ban on converting street cars into race cars

    Can't sign right now, technical error.