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    LOORRS round 9-10 FAST FACTS!

    Fox Racing Shox may not have done as well as you thought. Rick Huseman runs Fabtech Dirt Logic Shocks.
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    Renezeder on BFG's...?Not.but what if? please share

    To answer your questions: 1. There isn't that big of a difference in project tires any more. They are all pretty good. 2. Half of the trucks in Pro 4 are running a sprag style front end. It was invented by Rick Huseman's team in 2005. 3. There are drastic changes in Carl's...
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    V8 pro-lites officially coming to LOORRS

    I can"t believe that with all this talk of V8 Pro-Lites that nobody has mentioned the impending massive failure of the spec/crate engine program. FAKE ENGINE SEAL BOLTS ARE READILY AVAILABLE. If you don't believe me search on ebay for "engine seal bolts". These bolts come in handy for guys...
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    TORC mandates V8 Pro-Lights / Crandon last race for the 4 cyl

    TORC didn't save their Pro-Lite class they simply got rid of it and replaced it with something more palatable to the midwestern mindset. A Pro-Lite with a V8 really isn't a Pro-Lite. What's "Lite" about that? It's hard work to make a little motor go fast. I guess some people like to have it...
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    Pro-lite and Super Buggy Spec Engines?

    The rules in Pro-lite are the way they are for a reason. To understand that reason you have to go back to the SODA days and follow it through. Back when the Crowders were allowed to run a Jerico because it looks just like a toploader and Johny Greaves complained so he got to run the 16v and...
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    What do you think is going to happen to the pro lite class next year

    People are really really naive if they think they can contain the cost of any class by changing the rules. If the money is available it will be spent. Just think if TORC changed the rules to a spec V8 class but you still had a lot of money available for your team. The first thing you would...
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    No Crandon for “Crandon Carl” Renezeder

    Wow 8 pages of posts and nobody has got it right. Do you think that if The Lucas guys told Carl that they would like him race at Crandon he would say, "No, I can't, I would have to take off my little tiny RC10 stickers and I just can't do it." I don't think so. He would say yes sir, and...
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    The real story

    The main reason the PDG decided against Tony's series from the beginning is that his "tracks" are just dirt fields and there is serious doubts that it would even be possible to have a CORR style event at Elsinore (it's too small and the dirt sucks). What this means is that the race series...
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    Unification of Short Course Off-Road Racing

    The WSORR is dead and gone. They had a small staff and a schedule but after the traxxas deal fell through and the pots cut them off they had no real chance to have a real race season. The CORR style classes, I am sure, will be done under RJ's sanctioning body, the rest of the sportsman classes...
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    BS Championship

    OH geeesh! Give it a rest already.
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    Would someone please step up and lend (give?) Jim Baldwin 2.2 MILLION DOLLARS?

    I don't think anybody on this forum understands the nature of our country's economic problems. Yes, Jim is still worth a ton of money, but with the current credit crunch you just can't convert assets to cash. I know people with excellent credit whose lines of credit were just shut down. This...
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    Glen Helen - 2009 Short Course Off Road Racing!!

    I remember Bob's races back in '98 and '99. That's where Rick Huseman got his start. Glen Helen was a great track and we always had fun.
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    pro-light chassis builders?

    The only competitive trucks in Pro-Lite are being raced or have been built by guys with many years of Pro-Lite experience. You can avoid years of frustration by going to one of these guys to build your chassis and don't just buy a roller. Work a deal where they tune your shocks and everything...
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    Any insight into the Cenni/Greaves deal?

    One thing that nobody said anything about so far was that before the race even started, Tony told the drivers in no uncertain terms to stay off the wall. The prolites were using it as berm in the previous race and the K-rail was supposedly moving. He said riding the wall would be an instant...
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    "bad" Questions!!!!

    I am not totally sure, but since the CORR coverage on NBC is a production of NBC Sports, I don't think Jim actually pays to get CORR on NBC. This deal isnt like SPEED where you could get anything on TV if you have the money. NBC has an interest and is taking some risk too. If this is true it...
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    Rick Huseman's Perfect 10

    I was talking about crashes that caused damage. The first two were in Rick's Pro-Lite in turn #1. They call that turn the most exciting turn in motorsports but, the excitement isn't caused by the nature of the racing. The excitement is caused by the question of who is going to survive, or...
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    Rick Huseman's Perfect 10

    Rick's whole front bumper is made from .065" tubing it should have crushed and folded under on impact. The reason it didn't, I'm guessing, is the softness of the dirt which absorbed all the energy evenly. The size of the divet shows how much energy was absorbed. You can't have a...
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    Hi my name is Dan

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