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  1. pwerwagn

    Smaller enclosed trailer for TT?

    Yiro? My dad just bought a yiro deck over and they mentioned they are going to start building alum enclosed trailers. I have 2 atc/complete alum enclosed trailers at work. 22’ box, 7’ inside height. Really well built and nice, but $$$$$$$$. They’re currently building us another one.
  2. pwerwagn

    Fun with Classifieds!

    Sorry I didnt see this sooner. It finally works again, started working when the look of the classifieds changed recently. Ive been obsessed with all of the cool trailers in the classifieds lately. Like this YIRO...such a cool layout: YIRO 2018, 22' x 102
  3. pwerwagn

    Switch Pros

    Has anyone here used this thing yet? Cool concept...until the head unit dies.
  4. pwerwagn

    On Topic Mint 400 tv show..

    Just watched it, I thought it was really good!! I didn’t realize the changes that occurred in the last few miles! Good job mad media. Jeff Ps...I didn’t see an existing thread on the tv show. If I missed it, my bad.
  5. pwerwagn

    New Class 8/ Trophy Truck Off-Road International Racing

    Any new updates on this build??? Its been a while!
  6. pwerwagn

    Say hello to Charlotte. My 73 K5

    Nice blazer! Do you have any details on how the deavers are setup? Stock length? What shocks/valving? How does it work off-road?
  7. pwerwagn

    dodge class 8 build

    Glad you’ve made progress! I dig this thread up every few months to check for updates. Lookin good!!!
  8. pwerwagn

    Watered-down version of a Class 1 Buggy based on a Sand Rail?

    Thread on here about the tom pro car: Tom pro design mc-10 build
  9. pwerwagn

    The other “the list”

    My guesses would be the riveria truck, voss’s truck, and didn’t sourapas’ #6 truck have a lot of wins with different drivers?
  10. pwerwagn

    DIRT movie

    Just rented/watched it, I really enjoyed it! I’ll definitely watch it again.
  11. pwerwagn

    Top 10 Off Road Movies?

    I’ll watch it tonight!
  12. pwerwagn

    Off-Road Art

    Those are awesome!
  13. pwerwagn

    Short Course Links VS Custom Leafs

    Basically, your question is "coil overs or leafs", since you're negating cost, work, etc. A well setup C/O and Link setup, *should* outperform a leaf setup. The key being "well setup". Leaf's also have inherent pro's as well, but those pro's are in the 2 areas that you aren't taking into...
  14. pwerwagn

    Off-Road Art

    Haha, it was kind of a joke. We overheard a group of flat billers talking about the "cool ranger poster". None of them realized it was Rob Mac. But they were handed out at the mint.
  15. pwerwagn

    F.O.A. Shocks

    My 2.5 Fox’s have by far been the best, and abused the most. I’ve had better luck with FOA’s than Kings, as far as leaks/customer service. If you want to run FOA, tear them down, clean them and put new oil in before running them. Call Chris at FOA and talk to him, he’s a nice guy.
  16. pwerwagn

    Off-Road Art

    The ranger mint 400? That is a poster. They were handed out free at the mint.
  17. pwerwagn

    An open plea to Martelli bros., BITD or anyone willing to make a change

    I had fun at the Mint. Was one of the better years, for sure. The 2-day Tech gave Thursday and Friday a much more laid back feel. I liked that. The crew's also seemed less "edgy", and less apt to want run over people in front of them. :-) I didn't make it out to any spec areas in the...
  18. pwerwagn

    Off-Road Art

    Thats awesome!
  19. pwerwagn

    Are Laser light bars worth it ?

    BD actually has an ad on their webpage about their new line of laser lights. Some introductory offer. Baja Designs - Laser Lighting