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  1. De Minimis

    Just a Smidge of Advice Sought -A-Arm Buggy Front Camber

    DD buggy build. Car will not see dunes (or extremely rarely). Desert, washboard, and some unavoidable pavement is what will lie before it in its future. I've got neg camber at 2.50 and 2.40 at 50/50. I'm not going to be spot-on at 2 degrees, so my question: As a general rule, and given the...
  2. De Minimis

    Fortin vs. Weddle HV25 -Want am I missing? School me Please

    As of now, I plan on going with a Weddle HV 25 but Fortin has never been far from my mind. Dual Sport build. On paper, Weddle seems a no-brainer. Am I missing something? Comparing a Fortin 4 speed (because of the larger gears) to the HV25: Cost (Weddle for the big win). Gears 25mm vs 27...
  3. De Minimis

    Desert Dynamics Custom Front Arms

    Love him, hate him, whatever. Posting this up here so hopefully no one else makes this mistake. Talked to Dave about some new front arms. He said less than 2 weeks. Okay, I took the bait (I should have done my due diligence before hand as there is no shortage of tales of woe out there when...
  4. De Minimis

    Track Width Help

    Greetings. Posted this on a sand site, but perhaps it's better suited for here. When it comes to desert buggies, I've always understood the track width (front vs. rear) should be the same or, if using wider tires in the rear, the outside of the tires should have the same width (front vs rear)...
  5. De Minimis

    Ad info in the field is too large???

    I keep trying to post an ad in off-road parts, and no matter how few words I use in the description, I keep getting the error: "Ad info in the field is too large" Anyone know what's up? Ad allows 2000 characters, and I was down to 20 before I gave up. Thanks.
  6. De Minimis

    Radius for Shock Hoop Die?

    I searched, but didn't come up with the answer. I need to order a new 1.25 die for shock hoops (beam buggy, single internal bypass coilover). What would you wizards of fab rec for the radius of said die: 3.5, 4.5, 5.5, or 6.5? Heck, don't even need a recommendation, what's your favorite? I...
  7. De Minimis

    Shock Hoop to Beam Attachment -Best Practices

    Hi All, Getting ready to build new front shock hoops and attach them to the upper beam tube. I've seen examples where the hoops are welded directly to the front beam. I've seen examples of many that use a bushing type mount. I'm more keen to use a bushing type mount. The question is, better...
  8. De Minimis

    wright Combo Bushing Zirks Q

    Have a set of Wright combos I'm going through. They were set up with upper zirks, but lower bushing grease hole were pointing up into king pin grease galley/port/hole. I have room to install zirks on the lowers as he kings will protect the zirks. So, what's the best approach? Zirks on top...
  9. De Minimis

    Ideal front and rear relative width? -Buggy

    I've torn my buggy down yet again. Starting to build it back up. Sticking with a beam front. Now, I'm flip flopping back and forth on beam width. What is the ideal relative width between the front and rear? In other words, should the wheel mounting surface on the hubs be the same distance...
  10. De Minimis

    Stupid Beam and Delrin Question

    Hi folks: This is pretty Dick and Jane, but switching to delrin beam bushings. Was checking the fit on my front arms just 'cause (bushings not installed in the beam, mind you), and frick, these are tight. I mean, get out a hammer to force them on the arms if even possible tight (no, I...
  11. De Minimis

    bonding cars in Baja

    So what's the deal with bonding cars in Baja? What if the plan includes leaving a car behind at our place for when we fly down there (the tourist/bond sticker expires at 180 days). Any tricks/tips to share? Thanks.
  12. De Minimis

    XR650R Axle/Chain Adjusting Bolts

    Yea, I did it. PO obviously didn't use anti-seize. Broke off the right side adjuster bolt. Tried using an extractor. Broke that off too. So, I've damage the hole enough that I'm considering using inserts (something Honda should have considered to avoid this whole steel into alumn issue)...
  13. De Minimis

    Wilwood Hubs for Buggy - Possible?

    Hey folks: Need to get rid of our current brake system on our buggy (T3 rear drums and T1 fronts). Race One or CNC seem the simple choice, but has anyone figured out a way to use Wilwood hubs with VW-style buggies (Wright combos up front and non mirco stubs out back) and in a VW wide 5...
  14. De Minimis

    Who's Your Daddy?

    Well, its not me. I've been lurking for a bit, so thought I'd pipe up. Up in NE Oregon and despite that, I was somehow bit by the off-road bug (in fact the bite is infected). Our first sandrail was an entry-level turnkey that we bought a couple of years ago. We spend our Christmas vaction...