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  1. mike337

    Found this wrench

    I found this Snap on wrench. What's it used for? (It's not broke)
  2. mike337

    TORC Crandon

    What did you guys think of Crandon this weekend? I'm glad they had a few extra guys in Pro-4. Also thrilled to see my friend Rodney VanEperen on the podium in Pro-2. Keegan Kincaid is no doubt fast, love to see him in a Pro-4 more often. Not sure who was counting, but it sure seemed like a...
  3. mike337


    Finished a mildly built Chevy 302 and looking for a good battery to crank it over. Cool looks would be a plus, seeing it's going in a 67 Camaro SS. Thanks.
  4. mike337

    Greaves Pro-2

    Anyone know who bought CJs Pro-2?
  5. mike337

    Crandon picks

    Anybody care to take a guess on the Pro Classes? P Buggy, I'm not sure, so I gotta' go with Luke Johnson P Lite, CJ, Kincaid, Lovell. P 2, bRYCE Rocket, J Kincaid, Scott Taylor p4, JG, Ricky, Scott Douglas. (I. Hope Scotty Taylor shows up)
  6. mike337

    Hello, my name is Mike

    I've been following mostly the short course here on RDC for 3 or 4 years, so i finally decided to register.