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  1. mikec

    Help with fox shocks bypass rear setup

    Here is the FOX Bypass Rebuild instructions. Hope this is of some help.
  2. mikec

    Vaya con Dios

    Roger was a great guy. Condolences to all his family.
  3. mikec

    Dirt Rally

    I want to get this game, but I need to choose a platform, PS4, XBOX1, PC etc. what is the best platform?
  4. mikec

    Wheelie Wednesday Photos

    Ellis Cohen in Class 9 competition at Johnson Valley-La Rana Racing 199??
  5. mikec

    Favorite Race Vehicle

  6. mikec

    How would a TT hold up in Dakar?

    I think this Martello Jimco did well. Not a TT, but similar.
  7. mikec

    Chasing B.J. Baldwin ((Raw Footage))

    Tuba Art Does it right!
  8. mikec

    Camburg's new KINETIK brake pedal

    Do you have a picture of this brake pedal mounted in a Kinetik TT?
  9. mikec

    Camburg's new KINETIK brake pedal

    Nice part. This is what big heavy trucks need to stop. What is the cost?
  10. mikec

    Mint 400 TV Coverage - AWESOME!

    Thanks for letting us know about the replay. Can't wait to see this program!
  11. mikec

    Mint 400 TV Coverage - AWESOME!

    Is there going to be a replay in the near future?
  12. mikec


    Please check out this link regarding the petition to not allow PEER to close down Ocotillo Well. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/not-allow-public-employees-environmental-responsibility-peer-end-open-riding-ocotillo-wells-state/dP751xyj
  13. mikec

    Mexican TT's at the 500

    Good luck PIN! The owner of the Ex Jeffries TT is Roberto Encinas. (Cl. 12 Thor)
  14. mikec

    Jimco Class 12 Pics

    These are a couple years old, so they are a little dated.
  15. mikec

    SNORE BB 400 update

    Congratulations to Phillip Finch for class 10 win!
  16. mikec

    Race Ready Products Hiring

    Race Ready Products has an entry level position in the shipping/receiving dept. Automotive & racing experience a +, attention to detail a must. Apply at 103 Press Lane, Ste 4, Chula Vista, Ca 91910, or contact Mike or Bob at (619) 691-9171, fax resumes to 691-5703, or e mail...
  17. mikec

    Raceready 275?

    Anyone heard results from Code/Raceready 275 yet?:confused:
  18. mikec

    1000 pics

    Good pictures Dez
  19. mikec

    Hello, my name is mikec.

    Hey Chris, You are correct, I do have a brother named Dave, and we had a blast helping out Stobaugh back in the day. I see Tony Zito about once a year, usually at the Off Road Expo or Sand Sports Show. I don't remember Ryan C., must be old age!
  20. mikec

    Hello, my name is mikec.

    I have been in the off road industry since the early 80's (1980's), so I guess that qualifies me as an old timer. I have raced in Class 9, 1600, 12, & TT.