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  1. MadMike1111

    KC HiLites Midnight Special Aug 4

    Is there a pit service supporting this race? Can I have their contact info?
  2. MadMike1111

    48th Annual PCI Race Radios SNORE 250

    I need a ride for the pre-run pretty please! Anyone give me a ride I'm happy to compensate you for your seat in food, drink or gas money ;)
  3. MadMike1111

    SNORE Caliente Nevada June 9th

    Thank You for the clarification; we will take our 1179 jalopy.
  4. MadMike1111

    SNORE Caliente Nevada June 9th

    I'm hearing there is a pre-run BBQ on Friday. Is there 'unlimited' pre running on Thursday or Friday morning? Does anyone know of a good place to rent a RZR for prerunning there? I'm thinking of picking one up on my way through Vegas.
  5. MadMike1111

    Motion Tire 300 April 7-8

    Thanks for the 11 love Kenny!
  6. MadMike1111

    Sweet Mfg 185 Servo Fitting Size

    I have a Fortin 2.0 integrated servo (Sweet 185) rack and pinion for my buggy. Does anyone know the thread size/pitch of the threaded hole in the servo that returns back to the tank (next to the 'T' cast into the body of servo)? I'm looking to change it from -6AN to -8AN return to tank...
  7. MadMike1111

    Snore/More Rage At The River 1/2 1600

    +1 - Gonna try to bring a SS Frayley!
  8. MadMike1111

    2-1600 Transmission Mounting

    I'm in the process of deciding to re-mount my transmission on my chassis after observing that there is room for it to go down in relation to the ground. My rear shocks have enough droop left in them to gain 1-1/2" droop of travel. My questions are: 1. what angle should i put this...
  9. MadMike1111

    Vw shifters

    What failed on it?
  10. MadMike1111

    Vw shifters

    I have the Fortin, it is excellent and has the stock style push-down-next-to-second-gear reverse engagement. I thought that feature might not be great and I would accidentally use reverse since there is not lockout mechanism......but I must say, Fortin nailed it, it has a stiff spring in there...
  11. MadMike1111

    Hydrate or die...

    It's not just salt (Sodium Chloride), you need potassium badly too, that is very likely what makes you feel extremely faint and many people think they are having a heart attack and turn grey-ish. Potassium is extremely important for your heart and nervous system function. Gatorade and...
  12. MadMike1111

    MORE Sierra Led 250 pile up in car footage

    Why allow angle iron on front bumpers? My initial thought is that should only be on rear bumpers, seems to me that sportsman truggies don't need help crumpling rear cages!
  13. MadMike1111

    the question has to be asked

    Wasn't he the first person to put a 6 speed sequential? Still rocking the mid-engine design has it's benefits, the older robby truck #5 was uber fast on graded road sections. There's something there, I think it's mostly bad luck. Every race he enters you've gotta think he has a high chance of...
  14. MadMike1111

    Which race vehicles have the most wins?

    I'm not statistician but, Win/Entry ratio has some merit, at least for trending purposes......Is winning lots of limited races with a dozen or less entries as prestigious as overalling a large field?
  15. MadMike1111

    Honda Ridgeline Off-Road Race Vehicle (Video & Photos)

    I think the big news here is that Honda is re-purposing a very successful Indycar engine platform that has TONS of development on it. Do any of the Aussie's have this powerplant (with factory engine support) available to them?
  16. MadMike1111

    Lofton TT crash at the Midnight Special

    Ouch, if you walk away with only a bruised ego and big repair bill $$$ consider it a WIN! I would think a crash like that could really hurt your neck/back
  17. MadMike1111

    King shock weights

    Thanks much, for some reason I could not see that on my iPad duh. Thanks for the link, probably going to keep the big shocks on despite the weight penalty. 4 tube 2.0s are only about 7 lbs less for a pair. Seen lots of guys win with them but I have bigger fish to fry!
  18. MadMike1111

    King shock weights

    I've been told that my 2.5"x10" king pure race 2 tube bypass with hose reservoir (the big ones) are too big for the front of my already heavy 2-1600 car. Does anyone know of lighter weight options I should consider? Most obvious would be 2"x10" bypasses with piggyback but I was also thinking...
  19. MadMike1111

    Did Lee close?

    Yes, their voice mail last month said they were closing up that business :(
  20. MadMike1111

    What is the fastest you driven at night? BJ said 136mph comfortably

    We did the last night race at Plaster City (in 2009?) and hit 71 mph with only stock VW headlights, but it was nearly full moon that night too :(