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  1. MadMike1111

    Sweet Mfg 185 Servo Fitting Size

    I have a Fortin 2.0 integrated servo (Sweet 185) rack and pinion for my buggy. Does anyone know the thread size/pitch of the threaded hole in the servo that returns back to the tank (next to the 'T' cast into the body of servo)? I'm looking to change it from -6AN to -8AN return to tank...
  2. MadMike1111

    2-1600 Transmission Mounting

    I'm in the process of deciding to re-mount my transmission on my chassis after observing that there is room for it to go down in relation to the ground. My rear shocks have enough droop left in them to gain 1-1/2" droop of travel. My questions are: 1. what angle should i put this...
  3. MadMike1111

    King shock weights

    I've been told that my 2.5"x10" king pure race 2 tube bypass with hose reservoir (the big ones) are too big for the front of my already heavy 2-1600 car. Does anyone know of lighter weight options I should consider? Most obvious would be 2"x10" bypasses with piggyback but I was also thinking...
  4. MadMike1111

    2-1600 Chassis Lightening

    Picture #1: I have this chassis and am looking to remove some weight from the car. Can anyone chime in here about which tubes I could cut-out and replace with smaller tubing? This car was built with a LOT of 1-1/2" x 0.095", so the side lacing I think can be replaced with 1" x 0.065" (-8...
  5. MadMike1111

    2-1600 Front Beam Angle?

    I'm considering giving my 1600 chassis a new beam and shortening it to 116" wheelbase at ride height at the same time (currently 120"). I was hoping someone (ROMO, Lothringer, Curry, JIMCO, Alumicraft, Frayley) could chime in here and let me know what the angle of the beam should be in relation...
  6. MadMike1111

    Tach signal on a 2-1600 car

    I'm running a dual coil setup in my 1600 car with an MSD coil selector #8210. I want to send a tach signal to the dash and per the MSD instructions I need a tach signal splitter #8911. I have an Autometer 2-5/8" ultra lite tach I want to run with this setup. Why do I need a ground on my tach...
  7. MadMike1111

    AVCOMM AR502 Audio Out for GoPro Mod

    Does anyone know if it is possible to splice into the wiring of an AR502 intercomm in such a way to audio output for my gopro? I would be using a GoPro 3.5mm female mic adapter on the camera part.
  8. MadMike1111

    Dual Coil IGN circuit, need 12V 10A Shunts

    I believe I need a good source for 2 Shunts to wire my switchable coil setup, I'm going to also be using an MSD Coil Isolator so it will be basically a VW distributor connected to the MSD coil isolator to 2 regular coils wired to a 3 position switch (on-off-on) to switch between. I need the...
  9. MadMike1111

    iPhone App to text GPS location at Mile Intervals?

    Anyone know of such an App? We sometimes have 'issues' with our radio range and it would be nice to get some texts just to know our little class 11 is still moving along the course? Not sure if it will work in Lucerne Valley but an extra measure of locating would be nice.
  10. MadMike1111

    Prep costs on a 4.0 sohc

    What kind of prep schedule are you expecting for a 4.0 SOHC in a 7s truck? I see a FAT 4.0 in a 7s, what kind of power does this engine make ballpark and are you going to be running this engine with 110 leaded? I would think a motor like that would be thirsty! We normally get about 5-6 mpg on...
  11. MadMike1111

    Heat resistant sleeve for oil lines?

    I need a heat resistant sleeve to fit my full flow oil lines near my header on my class 11. The fittings are AN8 and the line is the size that goes with that. It's cloth braided line and on a full body car the lines are routed nearby and it's always made me nervous about the lines being near...
  12. MadMike1111

    Can you have torsion bars turned on a lathe to make them smaller?

    I have the TCS torsion bars on our class 11 and want to go a size smaller, can anyone tell me if it's possible to have them turned down? I'm assuming they were turned down originally so taking a 1mm off shouldn't be too hard to do right? I don't want to buy another set but am pretty sure the...
  13. MadMike1111

    Leakdown tester

    Anyone have any experience good or bad with leakdown testers? I'm looking to get one soon. I'm shopping around on amazon, also, for those in the know, what PSI do you test a 1600 motor at?
  14. MadMike1111

    How to make a tie rod?

    How do you make a tierod? I see custom tierods on 1600 cars and other buggies. My specific question is this: Do you simply buy a piece of tubing with the ID the same size as the tap drill bit suggested size and just tap it? What wall thickness is normal for a light car like a 1600/12...
  15. MadMike1111

    Old School 5-1600 Rules

    What were the old school 5-1600 cars generally setup in terms of parts? Were 8" and 10" front shocks allowed and common? I know no power steering but what was more common, ford or international tierod ends? Were rear trailing arms 1" longer or stock length? I know microstubs weren't...
  16. MadMike1111

    What's involved in updating a 1600 car?

    There have been several cheaper 1600 cars for sale. I'm wondering if I'm missing something on the cost to convert to the latest rules for microstubs and disc brakes. You need the following: Microstub rear arms, rear disc brake kit for microstubs, microstubs, longer axles. Front disc kit if...
  17. MadMike1111

    Class 12 new engine rumors?

    Come on guys, anybody want to leak some info about what an engine change would look like for these cars? Plenum motors are sick but expensive, if this class adopts a reasonable motor package, it could become extremely popular with the masses. More so then now. So, anyone want to spill some beans?
  18. MadMike1111

    2 seat beam cut and tun?

    Hey guys. I race class 11 and we cut and turn the top and bottom of the balljoint beam about 5/8" and it works pretty good. I'm building a 2 seat buggy that will essentially be a class 9 but with a type 1 IRS trans in the back. What should I do for the cut and turn with the 2 seat buggy...
  19. MadMike1111

    Is this chassis up to snuff?

    http://www.race-dezert.com/cgi-bin/trader/atl.cgi?ct=5&md=second&id=9326 Isn't this chassis in need of a lot of larger tubing for the lacing throughout the chassis as well as the diagonal? Just wondering because I'm looking at it to pickup. -Mike (SNORE 1179)
  20. MadMike1111

    Is this car still for sale?

    http://www.snoreracing.net/classifieds.html?page=show_ad&adid=519&catid=1 I like the looks and price of this one. Anyone know much about it's history, owner, record, age, etc? Of course no bashing but what about layout? Says it has a fuel safe? above the trans? Just looking around, called...