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  1. Dustino81

    Post your favorite photo from Baja!

    Quick IV slam of B12 at RM344 at the ‘19 Baja 1000. Socks were absolutely soaked and nearly hypothermic from all the puddles in the mountains, fresh socks never felt so good haha
  2. Dustino81

    SF 250 (non virus) thread

    Let’s keep it to racing in this thread..Who’s started pre-running ? Who’s taking the TT win ? CL1? What’s up with 1x , they racing this year ? Any pre-run notes yet ? Thoughts on this years course ? I’ll be down there prerunning starting on Thursday .. 735x
  3. Dustino81

    SCORE - San Felipe 250?

    I’m just trying to figure out who’s forcing you or anyone else to go racing 🤔🤔🤔
  4. Dustino81

    SCORE - San Felipe 250?

    Race it ... some of us are already pretty heavily invested. Don’t feel comfortable simply do not go, if your crew doesn’t feel it’s the right choice for them to go , that’s their personal decision. I’ll say this, being active duty Army , if the approving authority for my leave/vacation thought...
  5. Dustino81

    2020 SCORE San Felipe 250

    See you gentlemen down there , looks like rad course . #735x
  6. Dustino81


    Sure do, give Dennis Green a call . Cell 714 813 7131, or office 714 557 3674. Just let him know what kinda bars you are running
  7. Dustino81


    That mount is made by Dennis Green . I highly recommend having everything installed before tech (minus the actual Stella obviously ) I have found going to pre-tech and getting checked by Anube before can save some headache during tech if you have issues since this is your first time
  8. Dustino81

    2020 SCORE San Felipe 250

    You mean the SF 335 ? 😂
  9. Dustino81

    Parker 250

    BITD is running an Ironman Pro class now ? I thought it was just expert and amateur. Been a few years since I raced BITD
  10. Dustino81


    What do you want for it ?
  11. Dustino81

    Baja 1000 bike cost?

    I’m using them for logistics/spare parts if needed ( additional cost ) / mechanical support/fuel/and all their pits are equipped with race radios/sat phones. I have a decent spare part package myself, but my team lacks necessary communication equipment and experience. I’m bringing my crew down...
  12. Dustino81

    B1k map please

    Best comment/opinion of the day 👍👍
  13. Dustino81

    Baja Pits 18 Pits for 2019 Baja 1000

    You guys setting up any pits in remote sections during the pre-run ?
  14. Dustino81


    Definitely recommend the AIRBNB option
  15. Dustino81


    I chose the same actually and am only racing the 1000, would be rad to see 10+ guys in the Pro Ironman Class. I’ll be aboard my Ktm 450 , #735x
  16. Dustino81


    Who’s in ? What classes ? Pro Ironman here #735x, hoping for more entries than what was at the 400
  17. Dustino81

    2019 Baja 1000 Vintage Roll call.

    I’m hoping for the same in the Pro Ironman class , only 2-3 for the 400.
  18. Dustino81

    whats the best Desert tire setup to run

    Hands down STI tech 2 Pro front , especially the new DOT . It’s absolutely crazy how tough and how well they handle . Can’t speak for the tears as I’ve never ran those .
  19. Dustino81

    ktm 450 dead

    Definitely recommend Chris Blais @blais Racing . While you’re there have him re-flash that ECU .
  20. Dustino81

    Seeking to join SCORE/Baja motorcycle team

    Mike - Not sure if my DM went thru , I’m stationed at JBLM WA and will be making a solo run at the 1000. Maybe we can help each other out during the pre-run or something. Shoot me a text if you would like 949-338-1945