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  1. Shoyrtt

    2016 SNORE Motion Tire 300 photography links

    I haven't seen any of the professional photographers post any links to their images for this race yet. Post any link you might have. Here is a link to Instant Images: Snore Ridgecrest 2016 and DesMarais Dave DesMarais
  2. Shoyrtt

    Patrick Dempsey, celebrity entry at the 2013 MINT 400 today on FOX Sports Radio

    I was listening to Fox Sports Radio today with Pat O'Brien interviewing Patrick Dempsey,Grey's Anatomy star who is racing a Baja Challenge car #5501 in this year's race. Patrick did a great job promoting the race to a nation wide audience. The pod cast can be found here starting at approximately...
  3. Shoyrtt

    2013 San Felipe Cactus Cup, brought to you by SCORE

    Although the prestigious SCORE San Felipe 250 garners most of the media attention, at RM 225 this year SCORE held the first annual Cactus Cup. \m/ Watch as this year's sole contestant (identity unknown) attempts to climb the mighty Pachycereus Pecten-Aboriginum, indiginous cacti to Baja...
  4. Shoyrtt

    2012 MORE 500 Videos

    Post up your videos. :cool: Here is the first one I could find so far:
  5. Shoyrtt

    MORE Toys for Tots/Holiday 200 volunteers needed URGENT!

    Jim Clements announced on MORE's "Race Talk" that he is really short handed with course worker volunteers for the Holiday 200 on December 3rd. Here is his message: "I don't believe some of you realized how serious this has become if we don't have volunteers we don't have an event. below is...
  6. Shoyrtt

    18,635 with less than 1 day to go!

    We have generated 18,635 letters in opposition to the base expansion at 29 palms. The goal is 20K! Please, please, please just take a few minutes and send out a letter today. Its EASY and it might just save the desert for public use in Johnson and Lucerne Valleys. Here is the link...
  7. Shoyrtt

    MORE Balls Out 250 Results?

    Any word on the unofficial results?
  8. Shoyrtt

    #144 Dunn Tech Truggy rear cam from BAP

    Here is a little video I put together from Saturday's action. About half way through is some good footage of TJ passing me. I believe this was lap 2, I caught and nerfed Billy Worthing near the RR tracks, after the 25 mph zone. After passing him I didn't see TJ or feel the little nerf before the...
  9. Shoyrtt

    BLM raises MORE's insurance from 2M to 10M and places them on "probation"

    From MORE's race talk, Jim announced that after a meeting with BLM today that the BLM has placed MORE on "probation" and is now requiring a 10 million dollar insurance policy to be be in place. Jim is calling for help with referrals to people in the insurance industry who might be able to help...
  10. Shoyrtt

    Clarification of SA rated helmet rules (2000, 2005 & 2010)

    I noticed some of the vendors are releasing the new SA 2010 rated helmets that should become available on October 1, 2010. I searched and found quite a few threads on SA rated helmets in the past few years and some mention of the extension of time for this year to release the new 2010 helmets...
  11. Shoyrtt

    2010 MORE Chili Cookoff Additional Rules

    Just posted on MORE's Racetalk:
  12. Shoyrtt

    Rob Mac testing for King of the Hammers

    It looks like Rob Mac is preparing to conquer the Ultra 4 / rock crawling world.:D Rob has teamed up with former rock crawling champs Larry McRae and Jon Bundrant in the Blue Torch Fab 4403 for the KOH race on February 12, 2010. Here are few pics courtesy of Poison Spyder Customs from testing in...
  13. Shoyrtt

    MDR Lucerne 250 Return to the "Wall" 9-26-09

    Hoping to drum up some more entries for the MDR race on 9-26 (and maybe a 3000 car or two :D). More info here: Course B is fast and the wall should provide some nice entertainment.:) Thanks, Jim
  14. Shoyrtt

    1986 Toyota 4Runner (So Cal)

    STOLEN ON 4-22-08 This rig was stolen from "Play Toys" a specialty vehicle car lot in Yucaipa, CA. Please call Brent if you see it: (909)260-8088 link to the for sale thread with the specs: http://board.marlincrawler.com/index.php?topic=44920.0
  15. Shoyrtt

    Hello from So Cal

    My name is Jim Knox and I am new to RDC. I live in Redlands, CA. I currently own a rockcrawler and I am going to build a buggy to hopefully race in the near future. I recently esorted a film crew at the 2008 King of the Hammers race in Johnson Valley.