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  1. Rick 1634

    2020 Mint 400 lost and found

    Lost: Yokohama on 15x4 BTR wheel jumped out of our car during Friday’s limited race around mile 40 ish.
  2. Rick 1634

    Parker 250 / 425 Race Fuel

    Torco Race Fuel will be joining Best in the Dessert in 2020 as a contingency sponsor. Torco fuels will be available at every race, we offer free delivery to your pit or pick up at Torco trailer in the Parker Python pit row near the start line. We can ship fuel straight to your race shop as...
  3. Rick 1634

    2020 Parker 250

    Madison's Racing and Torco Race fuel is pleased to announce that we are expanding our motorsports program to include the Best in the Dessert series in 2020, hopefully many years to come. I personally will be manning the contingency booth, delivering Torco race fuel to competitors and providing...
  4. Rick 1634

    Torco Race Fuel contingency winners! MORE/SNORE Midnight Special

    Torco Race Fuels would like to congratulate the following teams for conquering the KC HiLites Midnight Special in brutal Barstow CA. #24 Brent Veenstra 1st Place $250.00 #6009 Jim Rossi 1st Place $250.00 #586 Jesse Newton 2nd Place $125.00
  5. Rick 1634

    Torco Race Fuel contest

    Winner of the Knotty Pine 250 FREE race entry contest is....... Jesse Newton #586 It pays to race with Torco Torco race fuel will be available all weekend starting Thursday evening. Free delivery to your pit, pre order for express check out. Stop by the Torco contingency booth for some...
  6. Rick 1634

    Torco Race Fuel - Battle at Primm podium finishers

    Torco Race Fuel would like to congratulate the podium winners from the SNORE Battle at Primm. 1st Place - #2003 Mike Bach 2nd Place - #1015 James Ford 2nd Place - #1204 Rick Madison 2nd Place - #3005 Tom Coors 2nd Place - #6099 Jim Rossi 3rd Place - #24 Brent Veenstra It pays to race with...
  7. Rick 1634

    Torco Race Fuel at Battle at Primm

    Torco race fuel will be available all weekend starting Friday at noon. Stop by the Torco contingency booth for some popcorn and good times. Check out our low prices! 116 leaded $14.00 gal. 110 leaded $9.00 gal. 100 unleaded $9.00 gal T85 sold in 55 gallon drum only $350.00 Torco Race fuel...
  8. Rick 1634

    SNORE KC HiLites Midnight Special - VIDEO

    First lap highlights from Madison's Racing #1204
  9. Rick 1634

    Rage at the River Video - #1204

  10. Rick 1634

    Class 5 Treasure Hunt

    I would like to find the car that started my racing career decades ago. This Jimco class 5 chassis built in the late 70’s won many races including the Mint 400 and at least one championship. Powered by a Fat Performance type 4, 002 Volkswagen Transmission, Curnutt shocks, hubs and CV drive...
  11. Rick 1634

    Motion Tire 300 - 1204, 1641

    Finally finding time to edit racing footage from earlier events this year. Hope you like our amateur video.
  12. Rick 1634

    Race Fuel 250 race report, #1204

    Race Fuel 250 - Rick Madison #1204 We started our seven hundred mile (round trip) journey Thursday morning stopping just outside of Las Vegas at Railroad pass for a lunch break, then Pilot truck stop on the North side of town for fuel, up the freeway to the “Great Basin Highway”. Twenty miles...
  13. Rick 1634

    New Video... 2014 Parker 425

    Finally got around to editing some video footage. Madisons Racing car #1104
  14. Rick 1634

    Video... 2013 snore 250

    Madison's Racing SNORE 250 video. Thank you Snore for such a fun coarse. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntqIwZeqrEM&feature=youtu.be
  15. Rick 1634

    VIDEO.... 2013 Parker 425

    Madisons Racing Parker 425 Highlights
  16. Rick 1634

    VIDEO... Madisons Racing 1204, 1641

  17. Rick 1634

    Thank you Baja Pits

    Thank you Baja Pits for welding our broken trailing arm back together. The guys at pit "A" did an awsome job that held up another two laps to the finish line. I owe you big time.
  18. Rick 1634


    Hello my name is Rick from Parker, AZ. Ive been racing for twelve years. I was straightening a few spare centerline wheels in preparation for the Mint 400 and notices that the polished wheels seem much softer than the satin finished wheels. Has anyone else noticed this?