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  1. Forty1Racing

    We need everyone’s help or there may be no more racing in South Western Nevada!

    I would hope it triggers a light blub somewhere that thousands of people from out of state who spend their dollars here are not happy.
  2. Forty1Racing

    Barstow speed

    With one arm tied behind his back if my memory serves me correctly.
  3. Forty1Racing

    Barstow speed

    I think Hudson Hall did 169mph through Barstow main.
  4. Forty1Racing

    Buying and selling a race car

    Anyone willing to accept Bitcoin?
  5. Forty1Racing

    How many off road miles have you logged in?

    I knew the old race truck should have had an odometer!
  6. Forty1Racing

    Heard the talk , whos buying SCORE

    You would be surprised how big off road is getting over there... they don't need Americans to put on a race.
  7. Forty1Racing

    Pre-Runner Trucks—There Should Be a Rule

    Please refer to the Subaru Forester that just raced V2R, and drove it back home.
  8. Forty1Racing

    A special thank you to Casey

    A man who made it possible for my family to have some very fond memories in the desert. Fingers crossed that I can still ride a dirt bike as good as him at his age. Boo Yah!
  9. Forty1Racing

    Conservationists Trying to stop V2R

    Nevada..."most undisturbed corners" pretty sure all the above, and below ground nuclear testing would disagree with that statement lol.
  10. Forty1Racing

    Elite TT type spec class? Fun thoughts and wild ideas...

    Good thing King is selling bigger coil overs... gonna need them for my new 180 gallon fuel cell to support my off shore big block lol
  11. Forty1Racing

    6100 vs. Spec TT engines

    Track width might be wheel mount surface as stated above or maybe to center of tire? confusing either way.
  12. Forty1Racing

    Poll - Would you be willing to pay a promoter for Medical Helicopter

    While I think its a good idea for the promoter, all it takes is one friend/family member to get the bill for a helicopter ride... The 100 bucks for helicopter insurance is always paid for now. Biggest complaint my buddy had (other than the college fund size bill) was that he didn't even remember...
  13. Forty1Racing

    Inside New #23 (2016 Parker 425)

    The waves are a nice effect. haha
  14. Forty1Racing

    Chase trailer vs. Datsun 240z Hwy 3 KM80

    Wow... All things considered it looked like things turned out for the better... Good on you guys to trailer the guys car.
  15. Forty1Racing

    Honda Ridgeline Off-Road Race Vehicle (Video & Photos)

    "Will factories ever return to the desert?" Rabble rabble rabble why race against yourself rabble rabble rabble Nice work Honda, I wish Jeff all the best this year at the mil!
  16. Forty1Racing

    T1 rally raid car from israel

    Just went through the entire build, and you guys did a great job! Can't wait to see more!
  17. Forty1Racing

    92 F1 Build

    Love to see such a detailed build thread as well as the different approaches that people take to their builds. excited to see more, keep up the good work!
  18. Forty1Racing

    MINT 400 by Red Bull

    Our first race in a Rhino built by Jagged X was a Whiplash race held in Arizona in 2006. Back then Cory was still racing basically a stock Rhino.... and we use to think a 25mph average was awesome...