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  1. Forty1Racing

    If you could build your dream shop/garage

    What would you do? How many square feet would it be? Where would it be? If you had no spending limit what really cool toy's, tools, and stuff would you fill it with? It's always fun to dream, and I always like to hear the different ideas people come up with.
  2. Forty1Racing

    40 spline Detroit Locker?

    Hello all, I'm planning on trying to justify going to the 10" chrisman rear end instead of the ford 9". Since the truck will be registered and driven on the street at times I want to run a Detroit locker as opposed to a spool. With the Ford 9" the highest spline count you can go on Detroit...
  3. Forty1Racing

    Congrats Fieldings & HnM motorsports!

    Major props and Respect to a FIRST TIME racing team.. They chose one of the most difficult races in America, as the first race to participate in as a shakedown run. I'm happy that the extremely well built HnM truck finished 2nd in class 8000. This was the truck AND family's first run in the...
  4. Forty1Racing

    Forty1Racing vid by Tuba Art Films

    Film by: Tuba Art Films Music: Buckfast Superbee "The Heavy Persuader"
  5. Forty1Racing

    Supporting member idea.

    Why doesn't RDC do like most other website do and make a "supporting member" program. Said member pays say.. $20 annually (completely optional to every member) for something similar to the Advertiser program. But instead of allowing to promote a product... said member gets some of the perks...
  6. Forty1Racing

    Rule #10 in terms of use ?

    Direct from terms of use: "to advertise to, or solicit, any user to buy or sell any products or services unless you are an RDC staff approved Advertiser. It is also a violation of these rules to use any information obtained from the Services in order to contact, advertise to, solicit, or sell...
  7. Forty1Racing

    Forty1Racing Thanks in Parker

    Not here to write a elongated race report BUT more thanks to the great city of Parker. 41 ran strong all day with minor problems here and there until the rain. Steven Burke and I ran a converative race to just attempt getting across the line. But, once again Parker has defeated us. Blew...
  8. Forty1Racing

    Ken Block in 2010...

    Well, since this entire section is basically about Ken Block I thought I would share with what I foresaw in his possible future for 2010. Just curious what everyone else thought.. -Now that he is driving for Ford in WRC. -And Ford is constantly looking for celebrity drivers for the...
  9. Forty1Racing

    Prerunner/off road clip art?

    Didn't really know where else to post this.. But Does anyone have any prerunner/Offroad related clip art? was looking to mess around with some logo stuff and would appreciate the help! -Thanks
  10. Forty1Racing

    Finance Miller Diversion 165?

    looking to build credit and become a tig welder. Anyone know where I could or if I could finance a Miller Diversion 165?
  11. Forty1Racing

    Elite f150 fiberglass?

    Does anyone know who makes the glass for the elite f150's? It sure is quite sexy.
  12. Forty1Racing

    Attn: Hendo racers. Let's support Casey!

    Hotel Rooms: I am requesting that all participants that are going to stay at a hotel PLEASE PLEASE stay in a Henderson Hotel. The City of Henderson is a sponsor of the race and it's very important that we support all of our sponsors. The hotels in Jean do not support off-road racing, please do...
  13. Forty1Racing

    Best refresh rate for a Lowrance?

    Our team ( as well as many others apparently.. ) have been having an issue with our 840c not having a fast enough refresh rate. Is there a more current software with better refresh rates... or a more current gps that is more suited for high speed turn calling? I'm quite ignorant on the subject...
  14. Forty1Racing

    Congrats to the Seventy Two Hundred boys!

    Kudos to 7231 Torchmate on the "W" this weekend at the SS300! and Congrats to Masonmotorsports to Landing two trucks on the Podium. Hopefully the Mason's can make there way to a 1-2 points championship! And my heart goes out to Al Hogan and Voss. I couldn't imagine that and I wish all...
  15. Forty1Racing

    Thank you to TSCO!!!

    I just finally was able to load my gear bag that was gifted at V2R and I wanted to show my gratitude. TSCO has been an amazing partner in sponsoring the Vegas to Reno for many years and they truly are a class act of guys. Thanks everyone at TSCO!
  16. Forty1Racing

    Serial port adapter for Auttronic SM4?

    Anyone have anyluck with an serial port adapter to usb on Windows XP? Really would like to get my current laptop to work with a serial port adapter rather than buying and old brick... but everyone tells me adapters are hit and miss :confused:
  17. Forty1Racing

    Video, Photo coverage for V2R??

    Looking to hopefully insure I get good photos and video this year by seeing if anyone is for hire! Not looking to pay for a Helicopter rental, but still want some coverage.. I take amateur photos, but looking for a real pro photography. And would rather pay now and insure good photos than...
  18. Forty1Racing

    HnM wont answer?!

    Anyone know whats going on? I'm looking into buying there 2wd Long travel for my F-150 and there new rear end housing.... but i've tried email, calling them..and nothing no answer. Whats the deal?
  19. Forty1Racing

    Las Vegas RDC spottings!

    Seen a few RDC stickers on Trucks and such around town. Are you reppin it?? I got one on the front of my skidplate! And if your not rocking a RDC sticker.... you should be! :D
  20. Forty1Racing

    Help in the Las Vegas area!

    Hey everyone, I have a Ranger project going on right now and I need help with mock up. I am planning on having the truck ready to be equipped with by-pass shocks, but I do not have the money to buy them right now. If someone has 2.5 or 3.0 x 18" king bypasses I could use for mocking up the...