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  1. speedfun

    KOH UTV tires & wheel test

    Who's up to Test these Non Directional tires and wheels at KOH on a UTV -- 7.50x16---32.5 tall 45 pounds with tube mounted on a CMS spun 16in wheel... Post what your racing-
  2. speedfun

    Some Tire 101 from the old guy and new things to come ---

    Tires & wheels 101 Many years ago the 1600s-10-12- 5-1600-5-unlimited - Class 1 cars and some trucks were going to 16in wheels and tires because of the lighter weigh and less tire deflection that came with a radial tire . TILL the Trophy Trucks went to a 17 in wheel and just like that all the...
  3. speedfun

    What is the top dog for UTV's this year? SET GO-!

    You cant trust all the hype from the manufactures SO pros and cons on all the new UTV's -- Name THE BEST TO THE WORST---GO
  4. speedfun

    New Welch Wheel's and Tires

    NEW --Not remolds -- NEW 33 lbs wheel and tire Wheel is 10 pounds Tires are 23 pounds Super Soft Bias 4 ply construction 28.8 tall on 15 in wheels Will work great on Light Buggy -Single Buggy Pro-Super Buggy and all SXS's DOT approved too- So ask yourself this? Have you ever seen the Tour de...
  5. speedfun

    BANNED by Lucas again

    Ya LOORRS banned these again but legal in all USA UTV racing series.. Why? Saturday 1st race of the session Glen Helen Elliott Watson finished 2nd to Cory Weler in the National series. Sunday we put my wheels and tires on and went 1.3 seconds faster a lap.. So now old tires banned till my new...
  6. speedfun

    Is J&L photography still around?

    I would like to get some old Photos they took..
  7. speedfun

    Rick Welch Motorsports UTV lightweight wheels and tires

    Tires are 22.3 pounds 26-27-28 tall x 7 wide x 15----- two tread patterns Wheels are 10 pounds and any bolt pattern soft to hard compounds [email protected]
  8. speedfun

    Rick Welch Racing Tires

    Rick Welch Racing Tires are available super soft or super hard or medium for trail riding 15 in x 26-28 tall (G-60) 22-24 pounds Hoosier casing or Racer casing These are for short course or Ice racing or woods racing-- Not desert Best Dam Tires for UTV's your going to find ! Get some...
  9. speedfun

    Pro Unlimited Buggy

    Hi guys Some of you know I've been in buggies for 39 years. I see the Pro Buggy car count going down. I feel if we can lower the cost somehow so the class will thrive again! This class is way cheaper than the UTV's and a hell of a lot more fun. Ya there a hand full but once you get it figured...
  10. speedfun

    What GPS to buy?

    I am going to start racing in the desert next year in this Marage single seat Class 1-1500 car what is the best GPS unit to buy? I am replacing the Toyota V6 with a Chevy LS3 it should be a good car with all the upgrades I am doing - Time will tell..
  11. speedfun

    looking for some old VW rabbit motors or parts

    looking for some old VW rabbit racing motors like we ran years ago or parts PM me if you have anything Thanks
  12. speedfun

    LOORRS class reps

    Why dont we have class reps? M.O.R.E still has them -- most every motor sports classes have them.. its a good thing IMO -
  13. speedfun

    GBC tires banned from the national LOORRS show but ok for the regionals?

    At the first LOORRS race this year I brought a new tire company to this sport GBC. I used the Mongrel and WOW this tire is the best even better than the ones I was making. PB-28 TIRES A. Tires must be DOT only, produced in quantity each year, must be available to the general public through...
  14. speedfun

    When EAST&WEST come together how would you decide a class champion?

    Let’s have some fun and get the ball rolling towards unification ----I was thinking how great it would be to have east & west as one big happy family So how would you score this to be able to crown one champion per class? My thoughts--- Each side has 10 races and 3 of these races are...
  15. speedfun

    Will LOORRS have open armes for the guys that ran the TORC Race? OR------

    Will LOORRS treat the guys that ran the TORC event the same? Or will they cut out the TV time they get and all special treatment? If that’s the case Monster drivers, Kyle –Casey-and RJ will have the rug pulled out of a key ingredient that Monster needs and pays them for. Or will LOORRS bite...
  16. speedfun

    Show Your first off road race car and tell us about your first race?

    Hay this should be fun --- everyone show your first off road race car or truck and tell us about your first race and where? Mine was this copy of a funco SS1 built by Bob Hair called a Rabbit race car for a guy in Florida by the name of Butch Peterson this car was orange and was on the cover...
  17. speedfun

    Vegas- made it finely

    Ya I made it to Vegas today passed tech except my numbers need to be changed to white background and black numbers. Heck ya I was happy as I could be ! after driving all night and getting up at 6 wednesday morning I arrived at 9 missed practice never even looked at the track but I made...
  18. speedfun

    With Tony gone could the 2 series now get along ?

    I hope some how some way the 2 series could work together --So could this happen now? Was Tony the problem? What are your thoughts?
  19. speedfun

    TORC Pro buggy news ------

    This came in my email this morning -- I called to see if the ECOTEC will be permitted to run Crandon— I will post the reply when I get one--- I am wondering how many guys would make the trip to the big house from out here that have the Ecotec. And the other issue is the LOORRS 1820 min...
  20. speedfun

    What tire companies will be supporting LOORRS this year?

    So who knows what tire companies will be supporting the racers this year in LOORRS? And who has the best tire? And why?