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  1. Deenracing

    Break pedal fade

    We have a 5-16 with J-mar disk break set up front and rear. Rear is reg stub not micro. We replaced the VW master cylinder with 81’ vw rabbit truck 22.8mm bore. Oddly enough bolted right up. When we bleed the breaks they work great lock up all 4. We can stand on the pedal after bleeding and get...
  2. Deenracing

    RATR 1600 top picks

    With a week to go, let's hear it. Who's it gunna be? Lots of talent on this list. The battle is going fierce!!! #1601 Kenny Freeman #1605 Ed Maurin #1606 Mitchell Alsup #1609 Jack Clinkenbeard #1614 Andrew Neal #1617 Ross Mattox #1618 Roberto Ledesma #1620 Chris Fogle #1621 James Dean...
  3. Deenracing

    B1k top picks

    Looked for it couldn't find it. Any guesses? Sent from the RDC Mobile App. Get it for your IOS device today
  4. Deenracing

    Baja racing article.

    Someone beat me to it lol
  5. Deenracing

    How safe is Mexico

    http://howsafeismexico.com/compare_mexico_us_cities.html There ya go. Mexico is a scary place. Stay away!!! Sent from the RDC Mobile App. Get it for your IOS device today
  6. Deenracing

    Major Performance Wins At This Years Baja 1000!

    This year’s Baja 1000 was nothing short of a nail bitter all the way to the finish in the limited 1600 class. 28 + hours and 1275 miles of epic racing still had to end up with one winner. This year’s winner was Jose David Ruvalcaba, Esteban Cruz, and Leonel Ruvalcaba of Las Lomitas Racing. Las...
  7. Deenracing

    DRT Motorsports 1686 Race Report

    First DRT Motorsports would like to thank MORE and SNORE for putting on awesome race! This was our first time racing in Ridgecrest and it did not disappoint. The car count was something to be proud of across the board. Thank you guys, the town of Ridgecrest and everyone who helped put on this...
  8. Deenracing

    Fun run for the Mint?

    Do you think that there will be a poker or fun run event for the Mint 400?
  9. Deenracing

    Average Shock Temperature

    We have a 1600 car with 3" bypasses on the rear. I understand that valving and shock positioning alters heat. I'm just looking for an average a high and a low. What's too high? Heat strips, or a heat gun to measure temp? Finally does anyone know heat expansion rates on shock oil? Thanks...
  10. Deenracing

    Thanks Jason Coleman!

    Just wanted to say thank you! This was my brother, Stephen's first race in our 1600. IMO he did fantastic for his first time. He wasn't the fasteset by any means but wasn't the slowest either. Anyway he was thrown into mix quickly on the first day and got a "crash" course on what it takes to...
  11. Deenracing

    Testing in PC race weekend

    So just wondering if we wanted to do some last minute testing, where would be a good place to do it. Typically we would run a few miles of the race track but if they are limiting the speed, what are the other options. I would hate to test where I normally do and get close to campers. I wouldn't...
  12. Deenracing

    Turning your race team into a buisness

    Does any one have expirence with this? If so how did you go about it? Is it any buisness licence? What are the pro's and cons. I want to protect myself and our team at the races. We want to have a licence and make it incorperated. I think doing the taxes would be beter too instead of having...
  13. Deenracing

    Support Malcom Smith!

    This was sent to me in an e-mail, not sure if this was on this forum or not but I thought that I should share it with all of you. Malcom on the hook for selling bikes that contain lead. I will let the video tell the rest. YouTube - Malcolm's Protest What a load of CRAP...
  14. Deenracing

    DRT motorsports in-car footage #560

    A little late but I finally got the footage together and made my first video. This was footage of the Budlight Dash 2008. Hope you guys enjoy! YouTube - DRT Motorsports dash 2008 0001
  15. Deenracing

    Battle at Superstion?

    If it could be done via permits and BLM, would other racers like to see a BAP or Laughlin style race in the Plaster City area, complete with a leap, pit chalenge, and 2 day event. Fud used to make jumps and berms and stuff on the dry lake bed. Thought it would be sweet to have one of the local...
  16. Deenracing

    BLM and Permit questions for Plaster City

    I hoping that someone help me out with this, please dumb it down a little. How does it work? Does the BLM regulate how much land and where, and even what you can do on it? The reason I am asking Is back in the late 90's FUD used to build a short corse track in the dry lake bed by superstion...
  17. Deenracing

    Dash 08 Shootout Stories

    Lets hear em! The good the bad, and the ugly! First thank you Todd for putting the shootout together. Totally first class from my stand point. Fun, Action, and Drama. Copy write it and turn it into a motion picture. So from the start, there was some talk about a big HP 1600 motor gunna...
  18. Deenracing

    V2R google earth

    Does anyone when they will have it up? On a side note, does anyone know how they do it? I am interested in making my own trails.
  19. Deenracing

    1600 race on Sat. BAP

    Does anyone know the final outcome of the 1600 race on Sat? Did they end up taking off the 5th lap? Or just screw the 32 other cars that didn't have the full 1 hr 20 min as the starters. I think that it is BS the way it was handled Sat nite. From what I understand there were so many cars at that...
  20. Deenracing

    The Next RG?

    With all the older TT drivers out there, who do think will come up in the ranks and take over in the spot light once they retire. Just curious who the next young top drivers are going to be and take over in all the hype. Do you think in 5 to 10 years that Andy will be all the talk on the forums...