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  1. RocketMan

    Anyone know the story behind these walker trucks?

    Saw this truck off and on several years ago,then it disappeared .I recently found it again parked at a service station I've always wondered what the story is on this thing anybody know?
  2. RocketMan

    Picture request :Hannemann '04-08 F150 front fenders?

    Anybody running Hannemann's '04-08 F150 front fenders? part #HF8016 i'd like to see a picture of them...thanks
  3. RocketMan

    Sway Bar Calculations

    So I'm researching the size swaybar i will need for my truggy project and was wondering how to select the proper bar size? I've checked out the calcs on speedway eng.'s site and still have Questions..? so how do i know if the rate is correct for my vehicle ? Is there a calc. based on weight or...
  4. RocketMan

    New desert race in northern Nevada

    We are out here at the Vorra race in Prairie City and it was just announced that a new race has been added to our schedule with support from a top level racer and a major hotel/casino in Reno. Mark your calendars---June 18-19, 2010. Press release and announcement coming on Tuesday. Signed...
  5. RocketMan

    Link to 1st PC race in short course forum

  6. RocketMan

    Utah House of Representatives passes bill citing climate change "conspiracy"

    way to go UTAH!! http://www.shortnews.com/start.cfm?id=82904
  7. RocketMan

    Newest member of La Familia!

    My Daughter newest RDC member and Team LocosMocos newby,Cierra Alta Radbourne born 3:17pm Yesterday GVW 6lbs 13oz wheelbase 19.5inches!!!
  8. RocketMan

    Fuel Cell Foam and Premix?

    Any one have any experience with fuel cell foam and premix ? just curious if the foam will breakdown or seperate the premix out of the fuel?
  9. RocketMan

    Latest mod to my chase truck!

    I'm thinkin' it looks so good i'll do it to my prerunner too!!!
  10. RocketMan

    Kinda like zoo road...

    enjoy Ultra Low High Speed Flyby [email protected]@[email protected]@http://embed.break.com/[email protected]@[email protected]@1159064
  11. RocketMan

    Anyone have experience with Santek trailer?are they good?

    Just as the tile says are santek toyhaulers good quality? will it hold up for a pit support and family weekend abuse?
  12. RocketMan

    Mods can ya clean up VORRA's forum?

    there are threads on Goldendale ,BORE and starvation ridge none of these are VORRA sanctioned events.It's great to see the sucess of Goldendale and i don't want to be a richard cranium but maybe we can add a section for them?
  13. RocketMan

    Alum. body work in Northern Cal?

    Anyone know of a shop that can fab. an alum. buggybody like the high end class 1's, playcars, etc. unfortunatly the local guy i had lined up is closing up shop....
  14. RocketMan

    anyone see anything wrong with this?

    BJ is doin' a little high speed traspassing....probably not to go an image for our sport
  15. RocketMan

    Berri Qualifies 1st at BITD siver state 300!!!

    congrats to sam for qualifiying 1st !!!!!
  16. RocketMan

    Anyone have a weekend worrior superlite?

    I'm just curious how the lightweight construction of the superlite holds up under normal use? I would be hauling a couple bikes 3-4 max. any help would be great. came up on a deal, but i'm sceptical of the construction of the frame....
  17. RocketMan

    RFI when HID's are turned on...

    Does anyone get Radio Frequency Interference(RFI) when they turn on their HID's? Hooked up a set of conversion's and get RFI on the stereo.I have run a gound direct to the battery and this didn't help, next is to try a different power source..any other suggestions?
  18. RocketMan

    U joint fasteners ...Steel (stock style) or billet alum.?

    Just curious what others use? and any problems ? with one vs other?
  19. RocketMan

    Greetings From Tamorindo Costa Rica

    This place sucks !!!!!lLOL if you ever get a chance DO IT!!! its like BAJA but tropical saw a taco with Chaos LT kit was stoked passing out RDC stEEkers and LococsMocos Steekers Too !!! Capt.Suezo kick ass
  20. RocketMan

    Baja 1000 on Discovery HD

    Don't know if this is a repost but.I just found a listing for "The 1000" on Discovery HD in Febuary the dates/times are provided below..... here's a link if it works.... http://dhd.discovery.com/tv-schedules/special.html?paid=66.14723.118855.0.0 Dates/times feb 12th 8pm feb 12th 11pm...