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  1. Kolman

    T.T.'s at KING OF THE HAMMERS. (HUGE $$$$$$ for them too).

    I noticed at Parker they had it on the front bumper. Still there, albeit much smaller.
  2. Kolman

    Wheeeeewww!! Thats A Relief...

    I'm a CPA, not quite a friend though.
  3. Kolman

    Fun with Classifieds!

    Maybe not necessarily Off-road related, but saw this and had to find somewhere to put it. Brand New Idea-Concept Car
  4. Kolman

    2018 BITD V2R Update thread

    I'm not sure he's in the truck yet. I think its Jesse Jones so far.
  5. Kolman

    2018 BITD V2R Update thread

    That took me longer than I'm proud of to decipher.
  6. Kolman

    2018 BITD V2R Update thread

    2 AWD out front at the moment *on corrected time*, Voss right on their tails, but putting people on notice for sure.
  7. Kolman

    Man! I love my Raptor!!!!!

  8. Kolman

    Vegas Golden Knights

    I guess if we had to lose....
  9. Kolman

    Bryce Menzies injured

    I agree, I would imagine it is funded well in excess of 100%.
  10. Kolman

    Bryce Menzies injured

    Apparently enough to buy a big ass boat....
  11. Kolman

    parker 425 entry list

    fingers crossed the 5 holds together and we see what she can do.
  12. Kolman

    Questions about Class 1400

    Go get em boss. Build it and don't listen to anyone! But seriously, I think there's a lot more to the tuning and suspension. Some of the 1450 trucks spend 5k a corner on shocks.
  13. Kolman

    parker 425 entry list

    Just heard Voss wrecked in "one of the gnarliest crashes" one of the recovery guys has ever seen...
  14. Kolman

    parker 425 entry list

    According to instagram, trucks are lining up now
  15. Kolman

    Questions about Class 1400

    Nothing, there are a number of guys who do it now.
  16. Kolman

    Can we bet on the Mint at the sportsbook this year? PLEASE?

    I would bet that the Total Wine on Las Vegas Blvd has it...the problem is finding someone to finance it.
  17. Kolman

    Vegas Golden Knights

    Season ticket holder; far surpassing my expectations. Both in quality of play and stadium experience.
  18. Kolman

    LLC and Inc.

    Consult a CPA and a Lawyer. Too many facts and circumstances to consider before any advice here is relevant to your specific case. source; I are a cpa. ;)
  19. Kolman

    Andy McMillin's new Mason Trophy Truck

    I thought it was kind of a sponsorship/partnership. They gave Andy a sweet deal to run their trucks and get the TSCO race shop off the ground away from the owners running their trucks. My thought was that the contract ran up and the price to rent was too high. It certainley doesn't seem like...
  20. Kolman

    TT Points Combinded Score BITD For Fun

    Has Luke really not finished a race this year? Ouch.