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  1. Kolman

    This is bad, right?

    Shopping for Raptors and this one came up...not interested in buying this one at all, but saw something that caught my eye. That lower a-arm mount...bad right? I'm not an expert, but that doesn't look safe or strong at all. Also what looks to be an extension on the bottom of the shock?
  2. Kolman

    Twin Engine Diesel Trophy Truck?

    Whaaaaa? Who knows more about this? Two turbo diesel motors? so many questions...
  3. Kolman

    GMC's All Terrain X pickup goes to war with Ford Raptor?

    Saw this through Yahoo Finance. The article says it has the z71 suspension but doesn't have anything close to the raptor suspension price. Does anyone actually think this will compete with the Raptor? GMC's All Terrain X pickup goes to war with Ford Raptor
  4. Kolman

    One or Two Seat?

    I see a lot more single seat class nine cars than two seaters and was just wondering why? any advice from those with either? is it the weight?
  5. Kolman

    Kevin wants to race!

    My name is Kevin, just had my first physical experience with off road racing at bap pitting for a race team. Have always wanted to get into since before I could drive. Mind is always racing....now just need to ACTUALLY race!