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  1. Blackmutt

    Upcoming Races and the Government Shutdown

    We've got the MORE race, Parker and King of the Hammers. Will these races go forward if the government is still shut down?
  2. Blackmutt

    Pre-Runner Trucks—There Should Be a Rule

    I see trucks advertised on all the time on Craigslist and RDC described as Pre-Runners. Many just have a cold air intake, bolt-on bumper & skid plate, fiberglass fenders, a bolt-on front suspension kit, Deavers and Kings. To me that’s not a pre-runner. There should be a rule you can only call...
  3. Blackmutt

    1310 U-Joints

    Just put a 302/C4 in my short bed/single cab ranger. The 302 is a mild build and I'm estimating 275 ft/lbs of torque. The 9" rear end has a flange for a 1310 U-joint. For a frequent pre-running/play truck, will 1310 u-joints hold up?
  4. Blackmutt

    Master Cynlinder Recommendations

    I’m looking for recommendations on what master cylinder to use. Background: Truck is a class 2000 1986 Ford Ranger race truck. Prior configuration was a 2300 with a 5 speed with dual Jamar ¾” master cylinders and no brake booster. It’s got stock ranger calipers on the front and mystery GM disk...
  5. Blackmutt

    C4 Slip Yoke Eliminator Kit

    Does anyone make a slip yoke eliminator kit for a C4? I've been searching the web for a few days but can't find anything.
  6. Blackmutt

    Bump Stop Fully Compressed--Any Ideas?

    Sorry for the blurry picture but as you can see, the fox 2.0 bumpstop is fully compressed and won't budge. I have relieved all the pressure. Any ideas for getting this unstuck? Is it salvagable?
  7. Blackmutt

    How Do You Mount Your Jack Handle?

    I've got a new HF racing jack with the aluminum handle. I've figured out how to mount the jack but not the handle yet. What methods are guys currently using to mount the handle?
  8. Blackmutt

    How TV Should Cover Off-Road Racing

    I just watched NBC's coverage of the Baja 1000 and I think it sucked. Too many personal interest stories/sponsor plugs and not enough action. Here's how I think our sport should really be covered: Every Class 1 and Trophy Truck gets 2 in-car cameras, one out the front and the other out the...
  9. Blackmutt

    Weatherman Feed for the Baja 1000

    I don't see the details yet. Will there be a Weatherman feed this year??
  10. Blackmutt

    BC Class and Wide Open

    So I watched Chasing Baja for the 105th time last night and started wondering more about the BC class. Does anyone own their own BC car or can you only rent them from Wide Open? Anyone have an idea what it costs to rent one for the 1000? It looks like Wide Open provides excellent support for...
  11. Blackmutt

    Do Youtube Videos Load Slow?

    Anyone else have a problem loading youtube videos? Vimeo works great but it seems like youtube videos take forever to load, slower than dial up. Anyone have a solution?
  12. Blackmutt

    Carb Tilts Backwards

    Trying to put in a new motor but with the current mounts, it leaves the holley carb tilted back about 10 degrees. It's a two barrel 350 cfm. How much of a problem is that going to cause, especially in the whoops or up hills?
  13. Blackmutt

    Where Would You Have Your Ashes Spread?

    Slow Thursday in the office so I'm just throwing this out for entertainment: If you could have your ashes spread anywhere and on any course in the off-road racing world...Mexico, California, Nevada, etc, where would it be at??
  14. Blackmutt

    Best Size Tire for my Class 1450 Ranger

    I race class 1450 in MORE. I have a 2.3 liter Ranger with 6.00 gears and 35x12.50x15 BFG Mud Terrains. On most of the grades, the tires are just too big for the motor. All I can do is wind out second or third gear depending on how steep it is. On long grades it's really frustrating. I want...
  15. Blackmutt

    Leaking Inside Seal--Cone Standard Hub

    I have a Cone Industries standard hub assembly and the inner seal is leaking. I have not been able to reach Sandy Cone. Does anyone know if the inner seal is a standard seal that can be purchased at a regular auto parts store or do I have to get them from Cone Industries?
  16. Blackmutt

    Weatherman Replay??

    Klaus, are you gonna do the Weatherman replay this year??
  17. Blackmutt

    How Low Can I Go???

    I'm racing my Ranger at Plaster City on Monday. I've got 35" BFG Mud Terrains. The engine is a 2.3 liter pulling 130-140hp. Since the course will be sandy, how low can I go on the tire pressure before I risk breaking the bead?
  18. Blackmutt

    Ford 4.0 to a T-5

    I'm thinking of putting a 4.0 in my Ranger pre-runner. Will a 4.0 bolt up to a T-5?
  19. Blackmutt

    9" Pinion Carrier Flange Leaking

    I've got a 9" ford rear end and the pinion carrier is leaking--Not the main flange seal but the 5 bolt flange where the shims are. What's the best way to fix it and can it be done without removing the third member from the truck?
  20. Blackmutt

    Truck Salvage Yard in the I.E.

    I'm looking put a Ford 4.0 in my Ranger (which currently has a 2.3). I race class 1450 in MORE so smog is not an issue (but I can't go to a v-8 per class rules). Does anyone know of any truck salvage yards in the inland empire where I can get a used but running 4.0 engine, transmission and computer?