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    My Shots from the 2014 Mint 400

    Great Pics!!! Any of #1056? Buss Lakers Class 10? Thanks!
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    Black Knight Lighting this weekend on SPIKE TV Xtreme 4x4

    SPIKE TV: Xtreme 4x4 HOT ROD JEEP PART 2 Featuring the Black Knight Lighting 52" LED Light Bar!!! AIRING ON OCTOBER 19 AND 20TH SAT 9:00 AM/EST SUN 9:00 AM/EST Watch it!!!!
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    light bars

    52" LED Light Bar....Wall is 525 Feet away... Iphone 4 Camera, no filter or flash...
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    light bars

    How's it going? Our lights have been "Baja Tested and Baja" Proven Since 2010. We have also been featured on Spikes TV Xtreme 4x4 as well have been in magazine articles. Race teams such as TSCO Racing, Mango Racing, Riviera Racing and Motion Tire Motorsports run our lights. Yes Jimco Racing is a...
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    Jimco Racing NOW sells Black Knight Lighting!

    Jimco Racing Now sells Black Knight Lighting "Baja tested, Baja Proven" LED Light Bars! https://jri-racing-compenents.myshopify.com/collections/black-knight-off-road-lighting
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    Black Knight Lighting NEW 2013 Website!

    Check out our NEW 2013 Website! www.blackknightlighting.com Racing?? Need Lights??? E-Mail us about our Racer Program! [email protected] Thanks!! Black Knight Lighting
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    Jesse James on Chopper Live "The Revenge" Tonight!!!

    Jesse designed and built the headlight bucket! Then I had my Engineer finish the rest!!!
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    Jesse James on Chopper Live "The Revenge" Tonight!!!

    Jesse's Bike is WAY different then his usually builds, but I think it turned out Bad Ass!!! Something different for sure!!! There was A LOT of time put into this bike! Gas Monkey bought a bike then put a paint job on it?? and came in 2nd??? There are a lot of JJ haters out there...Oh well!!!
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    Jesse James on Chopper Live "The Revenge" Tonight!!!

    9pm EST... 6pm for us on the west coast!
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    Jesse James on Chopper Live "The Revenge" Tonight!!!

    Watch #54 Trophy Truck Driver Jesse James this Monday And Tuesday (December 10-11) at 9 pm ET/PT On Discovery Channel...Remember to Vote for Team Jesse!! Black Knight Lighting also helped Jesse with a Custom LED Headlight for this project!!! Made in USA all the way!!! Make sure to...
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    Black Knight Lighting on Spike TV's Extreme 4x4 "Chase Truck Build"...

    Make sure you watch Spike TV's Extreme 4x4 on Sunday where they use Black Knight Lighting on their project "Chase Truck"!!! Also make sure you like our Facebook Page Today!!! www.facebook.com/BlackKnightLighting
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    Congrats to TSCO Racing with their 1st Place Finish in TT Class!!!

    Congrats to TSCO Racing with their 1st Place Finish in TT Class at the 2012 BITD V2R!!! Way to go guys!!!!!
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    Mark Post withdrawn from baja 500?

    I talked with Mark....look for the #3 Truck at V2R and the B1k!!
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    Lighting questions for racing in the dust

    What is the best lighting combination for racing at night in the dust?...Amber or Red LED mounted on the front bumper. Do you shut down all over head lights and just use lower mounted lights?....Yes!! Do you run fog lights only or do you run a combination of both?...LED Spot for dust/fog. Any...
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    Happy Birthday Weatherman!

    Happy B-Day!!!!
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    Baja 500 drawing results??

    Glad to see Mark Post back!!!