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  1. RocketMan

    2017 Baja 1K 50th Raceday

    anyone know 1062 JJ schnarr's race /chase frequency?
  2. RocketMan

    i have read many of your posts and you seem pretty knowledgeable with ranger drive train/trans...

    i have read many of your posts and you seem pretty knowledgeable with ranger drive train/trans questions ...i recently purchased a 1994 Ranger 4.0 ohv with a C4,35's and best guess is it has 5.13 rear gears at 70mph i'm turning 3400 rpm. curious what your thoughts are if i swapped to a 4.11...
  3. RocketMan

    Ken Snyder's Boss Hoss Racing Bronco

    Shame its just rotting ....along with the other broncos parked there....
  4. RocketMan

    video of norra 2014 mexican 1000 race

    Great film work brought back some memories of my trip down!
  5. RocketMan

    2014 Dakar: Stage 6 -Tucuman -> Salta, Argentina

    yea we got those....here at work...
  6. RocketMan

    Anyone know the story behind these walker trucks?

    i'm going to inquire about its availability....
  7. RocketMan

    Anyone know the story behind these walker trucks?

    Saw this truck off and on several years ago,then it disappeared .I recently found it again parked at a service station I've always wondered what the story is on this thing anybody know?
  8. RocketMan

    NORRA VIDEOS -- Post 'em up!

    Wiz Hey whats up!!! well the truck is prepe and mike is racing the VORRA Yerington 300 this weekend,unfortunatley i shot my dezert race wad on the norra race so i have to sit this one out ...glad ya liked the video mike did an awsome job! i whish the camera was rolling the entire race that was...
  9. RocketMan

    NORRA VIDEOS -- Post 'em up!

    Enjoy this 14 min sample platter of our race in the Koenig Racing #603 ETHD race truck
  10. RocketMan

    NORRA VIDEOS -- Post 'em up!

    video from 603 class ETHD rolling into Bay La end of day 1
  11. RocketMan

    Thank You Robby Gordon

    no your wrong bobylax Justin Hambleton is related to Hudson Hall.....
  12. RocketMan

    New Video of Electric Baja Racer w/Swappable Battery Packs

    it needs a cow bell......
  13. RocketMan

    the desert race daily driver

    most days 2003 superduty powerstroke 4wd crew cab ,today i drove in my '88 ranger prerunner to do some baja prep.(drove it through the car wash at lunch)....
  14. RocketMan

    Cameron Steele takes his TT to the pavement

    been done when they ran the protruck series at Laguna Seca back in '97 98 ish that was cool to see.. i was lucky enough to be a corner worker for the event!!!
  15. RocketMan

    Class 10 truggy

    Is there a bell housing to adapt a richmond 5 road race box to an eco tech? what are the rough outside dimensions of an eco tech? Length width height? i have the car just wrong power plant.....
  16. RocketMan

    Aerodynamics in off road racing

    when i asked an aero guy here at work what would make our truck better(class 7 unlimited) he said front spoiler with a splitter min 1/2 extending forward of the spoiler, move all the coolers so air can flow through the cab, add a splitter to the bottom front edge of the roof (see above size),and...
  17. RocketMan

    200A Alternator

    Cisco ya might want to check out autolectrics in campbell,ca they can custom make alternators i have 2 customs one on my prerunner and one on my play car both perform well http://www.autolectrics.com/
  18. RocketMan

    SONOMA won't be boring if you are there, so who's going??

    Rex ill be there Sunday we have other friends in turn 7 area so i'll keep an eye out for ya!
  19. RocketMan

    stolen yamaha 426 in San Felipe

    any chance this is your bike saw a FB post with it for sale on mike sky ranch FB page maybe just a coinsidense(sp)