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    Texas, utah, colorado guys need input

    We are tired of living in california and have the option to transfer to any of these states. I want to be able to continue using the race truck and enjoying the desert but have no idea when it comes to these states. Are there deserts (real good driving / racing) deserts in these states that are...
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    McKenzie's 250 RV camping spots

    First time for us at this race or Lucerne Valley. Is it open camping? If so, any suggestions for where to camp?I will be bringing the Jeep so I can access any part of the track, any suggestions on a good spot to watch the race? Thanks!
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    14" CO and 16" BP?

    Hi, what is the norm for a linked full size truck. The links are 56" long if that makes a difference. I know you can build it to run whatever, but what do most use 14 and 16 or 16 and 18"? Thank you very much!
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    Please not trying to start a class rules war...

    As the title says, Im not trying to start a class rules war as everything I have found while searching seems to be just that. BUT, I am turning a class 2000 build around tomorrow to start the rear and I need clarification on something. I feel the rules can be read both ways, but can you notch or...
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    Class 2000 questions

    Hello all. What is the current state of the 2000 class? Are there enough entries consistently to make is fun? I am close to moving to the rear of a full size truck build and I dont have the funds to run with the 1400 class mini TTs, so I was thinking 2000 was a good fit. I just wanted to be sure...