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    AlertTrax and RacingTrax for V2r...stopped vehicle detection?

    We thought it worked well. We are King of the Hammers guys and aren't used to that insane silt dust. It was great to see the Pass request when it was used. Several TT guys that came from behind didn't use. And about half of the Disabled Vehicles didn't register or they didnt press. And had lots...
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    Vegas to Reno pit access?

    Gotcha, thank you. I assume they will be coming out on the 26th then.
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    Vegas to Reno pit access?

    How bad are the access roads? I hear there can be some deep ditches. Should I ditch the camper and just roll with the pickup?
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    Vegas to Reno pit access?

    This is my first time driving V2R. I'm doing it with a few friends who have helped pit before. My plan was to take the truck and camper, and have a friend drive it pit to pit. They were saying I may have issues getting it into a few pits. 2005 F350 4wd with a 9.5 foot Lance on it. What do you...
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    HELMET Restraints (SCORE)

    We use the Necksgen. I like it, and don't really notice it. Haven't used the Simpson, but didn't want a harness setup. It just sits on my shoulders and is very easy to take off. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Oregon 400 mile Desert race

    I'm definitely interested. Be awesome to have a longer race in Oregon or Wa. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk