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    Pit/Chase Setups

    Newby looking for some feedback on pits and chase vehicles. So my question revolves around a typical MORE/SNORE “long course” track say like Ridgecrest - multiple laps, 60-ish miles, with multiple remote pits. Is it typical to have a pit setup at each remote pit location? If no, do pit crews...
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    Navigation Device & Dash Layout

    Need to make some decisions on navigation and dash layout for a new build. Original and current thought is to run a 5" Lowrance above the steering wheel for quick reference from the driver. Finding a quality 5" device has proven to be difficult lately and I may have to work on getting a 7" to...
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    Need Input on desert Race Helmets

    I’ll looking to purchase helmets for our race team. Will be racing SNORE, MORE, and may cherry pick a BITD race or two over the next few seasons. BITD is most stringent and requires SA2015 helmets. Question is how long will SA2015 requirement be in place? Current Impact & other helmet manuf are...
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    Offroad Jack - King vs AGM

    I see a lot of King screw jacks on UTV's, class 5 & 10 cars. Looking for a comparison between the King Screw Jack and the AGM electric jack.
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    10 Car Transaxles Fortin vs Albins

    Doing research on transaxles for a class 10 car. The transaxle that I have gotten the highest recommendation is the Fortin 6-speed sequential (priced to match). I have also heard good things about the Albins 6-speed sequential. Anyone have opinions that have had experience with both? Looking...
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    Chase Truck Radio Set Up - Power Source & Antenna Mount

    I'm looking to gear up a chase truck with a radio package. I am planning on mounting the radio in the center consul cup holder area. My first question revolves around the power source. I have read that it is best to wire directly to the battery with an in-line fuse. I see that I have a...
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    Pit Boards

    Does anybody know where I can source plastic bid boards from?
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    Look Trailers

    I'm looking to pick up an enclosed race trailer for a class 5 or class 10 car. Are there any opinions out there on the Look Vision trailers? Appreciate your feedback.
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    Insurance Question

    Just doing my research to jump into the racing scene. Do you guys carry insurance on your race vehicles? If so, what coverage, carrier. Any feedback on this would be appreciated.