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  1. Salazar470

    2016 plans and rumors!

    So What are you people doing next year and whats the words on the streets? . me and partner had a dispute and the two seat we had isn't gonna work out. i have tons of parts and am building a single seat myself only. no idea on when it will be done but will be racing soon as i can. And what...
  2. Salazar470

    Kingman Odds??

    1. #905 Forest Creasy 2. #951 John Whitlow 3. #908 Roger Gonzales 4. #952 Zach Sizelove 5. #980 Tyler Romero 6. #959 Harley Young 7. #998 Joshua Englestead Who are you picking??
  3. Salazar470

    MORE 400 Picks

    trying to keep the pick tradition somwhat going. Class 9 (7) 929 Dan Wood - saw the car race a ccouple times in 2013-14. 6:1 944 Mike Cooper - not sure i did met mike yet. 7:1 976 Rob MacDonald 4th R/S - cant say much, kid can drive 2:1 952 Zach Sizelove 3rd R/S - sweet car, seems fast 4:1 990...
  4. Salazar470

    new car

    goin to start new car. should be done by next year. just want some information on why to build a 2 seat car ans a 1 seat car. what is better and why
  5. Salazar470

    hello im juan salazar

    been around the sport all my life, ready to get in a seat and drive