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    Robby Update Report

    conclusion: Nasser is better than Robby in Baja.
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    Baja 500

    Well... Fix the potholes! @&#¡
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    Baja 500

    Mayor of Ensenada (M.A. Novelo) is the owner of Estero Beach. $ Carrera Off Road cambió sede; será en el hotel de la familia del alcalde Novelo
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    B1K Qualifying causing quite the controversy ....

    Care to elaborate? Sent from my Life One X2 using Tapatalk
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    On Topic Ipad as a GPS for Rescue

    AlpineQuest It can store Google's satellite (manually) and Bing Aerial maps. For Android.
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    #110 NORRA Mexican 1000 Mini Documentary video....

    Very informative. I cannot believe you let that class 1 passed you at 9:18! I liked the message for the wife... Already working on the permit for next race, very smart :)
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    2017 Baja 500

    fixed. RG unprepared as usual. Only one light, vapor lock, angry to Armin for a fiber... that happens to beginners not to professionals!
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    Score rule change for Trophy Truck Spec

    Common! This class makes no sense. It is the TT wannabe class, ridiculous. Just go race a class within your budget/approval.
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    The "Official" Dakar 2018 Thread

    Focus Pinky... Focus!
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    The "Official" Dakar 2018 Thread

    It will be R. Gordon's last chance to beat Peugeot.
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    The "Official" Dakar 2018 Thread

    After 2018
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    The "Official" Dakar 2018 Thread

    Last year for Peugeot? Peugeot se retirará del “Rally Dakar”
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    SF2500 Penalties ?

    Ok, thats for prerun. I meant GPS file of each car after race.
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    SF2500 Penalties ?

    Is SCORE handing a copy of the GPS data file to every racer? Is that data available to everybody?
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    Donaldson air filter

    has someone tried oiled foam filter after the paper one? Bad idea? Sent from my BLU VIVO SELFIE using Tapatalk
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    getting unstuck... how to?

    Here a good resume on traction mats. Including prices. Buyer’s Guide: Traction Mats
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    New Class 6200 in Best in the Desert

    Do not worry, in case 6200 is a good idea, people will make it way more expensive than intended. Then somebody will save the class with another good idea. Same old vicious circle as in most of the classes. Sent from my BLU VIVO SELFIE using Tapatalk
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    noob looking for insight Baja 1000

    Install Mirrors Sent from my BLU VIVO SELFIE using Tapatalk
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    2016 SCORE Baja 1000 and Map

    Saturday night @ Ensenada
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    Hehe I though it was a class 10. What's the weight? Sent from my BLU VIVO SELFIE using Tapatalk