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    Word on the Streets

    Probably good advice, you should take it!
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    2020 Toyo Tires Desert Invitational, tonight 9pm on ESPN2

    Great coverage, enjoyed watching. Next year maybe you guys should explain what T1 means, I found it weird to hear people talking about “T1 trucks”.
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    larson out

    While i think it may have been an over reaction to can him, and probably had more to do with lowering the teams bottom line during tough financial times... As someone above says..... Id probably **** can him too if my name was on the side of his car. Cant really feel bad for a man getting paid...
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    Interesting fueling strategy. Anyone do this to save time?

    X2, It doesn’t even look like he is saving any time... ONLY needlessly being rough on someone else equipment to stroke his own ego. I wouldn’t Call it a strategy... dropping the dumpcan would be faster, and he could claim it was an accident...
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    SCORE - San Felipe 250?

    Um, no. Most of us are in the middle of the road, listening to experts, but weary of over reaction. I went thru the “it’s just a little worse than the flu” phase, but that was 3 weeks ago! The people still spouting that today, are typically the same people who don’t believe climate change is...
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    Chinese F1 race cancelled..

    It’s gonna be a long year... guess I’m re watching the 2019 race this weekend! And the same for Bahrain... but I’m screwed when it comes time for Vietnam!
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    Chinese F1 race cancelled..

    If i was a lowely hospitality employee of racing point.... would i want to risk it? helllllllll noooooooo.... It cant be rescheduled/postponed.... worst case scenario, lets say they hold it in december. To do that, they would have to start planning, and making contractual obligations TODAY, if...
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    New UTV class rules needed in offroad racing?

    This was the punch line, kudos! It took 5 pages, but this man delivers
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    Ive noticed your crew in matching suits, complete with helmets in pics posted online... good job representing the sport in a professional light!
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    New UTV class rules needed in offroad racing?

    Yall postin in a troll thread.... ...just so you know.
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    A Christmas Wish

    Been a registered user for a while now... never posted because I’m a noob with nothing to share... However today was the last straw, watching Jon Coleman boast about being the most annoying user on the site... today I’m logging in to ignore you. Everything op says is correct.Absolutely nothing...
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    hi... cm

    ive got a few project vehicles, a personal 4dr 1990 xj, with nothing special at this point, and a 92 jeep mj 5speed mid-project. at about 5.5", with a trussed up and built d44, awaiting funds to continue into stage2
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    hi... cm

    so hi, got into jeepin about 2 years ago... got a couple xjs, and a couple mjs..., realized going slow was for the birds.... went 2wd and havent looked back... in the future id like to figure out a way to make a solid front axle xj or mj go fast... after reading up on multiple differant types...