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    Fox IFP depth?

    Don’t bottom them out or else if you loose oil and your shock fully extend it may cause a vacuum effect pulling air into the oil around the IFP seal always measure before taking them apart but you can always measure the total cylinder length and put the piston about 1/3 of the way from the...
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    Hello from Kentucky

    There is a bolt on I beam kit out from giant motorsports for the front of the c10s I have a 1964 that is currently low and fast and was thinking of doing that kit
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    Solid axle suspension tuning help

    Hey shock pros so I switched the fronts out to IBPs today way too good of a deal to pass up but would still enjoy your input. in the front I have 1” of preload and the springs are a 275/300 in the rear I have 300/350 witch make the Jeep sit right where I want and still plenty soft for...
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    Solid axle suspension tuning help

    Would lowering the front rebound from a .012 shim stack to a .010 or a .008 help keep the front end up more through the woops don’t want to add more compression as it’s already stiff
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    Solid axle suspension tuning help

    ya I’m in Michigan nobody around here tunes they send everything out west, I talked to accutune they want me to send my shocks to them for$800 so they revalve them and won’t tell you what they did. I have all the stuff to rebuild them and have done a lot of shocks just don’t know much on the...
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    Hello new to the forum

    Hello I have a Jeep JKU set up for going somewhat fast and rock crawling 2.5 king coilovers 2.5 bump stops 3 link front 4 link rear
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    Solid axle suspension tuning help

    I have a 2014 4 door Jeep with king 2.5 coilovers 12” front 14” rear the front is currently a flutter stack 12,12,10,15,15,15,15,15,15 for compression and 12 rebound in the rear it’s a standard 10 stack compression and 12 rebound. it’s still a bit firm running wash board small bump sections but...