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  1. Goatpoker

    Shock Troubleshooting help

    New one for me. 2.5 bypasses, same nitrogen pressure, same valving... one is really easy to move and self extends quickly. I have replaced all the seals and it still does it. Haven’t replaced the wear band... any other ideas? The firm one wont even extend on it’s own. The fast one felt like...
  2. Goatpoker

    Room(s) needed for San Felipe Sat night

    Anyone have rooms to dump. Need space for 6 guys. We are coming into town from Mike's on Sat and don't have a room. PM me.
  3. Goatpoker

    On Topic Need a room for SF250

    Anyone backing out or have to many? Sent from my iPhone using race-deZert mobile app
  4. Goatpoker

    On Topic GM Ecu experts?

    Have a weird issue with a Vortec 8.1. Intermittent Reduced Engine Power code. Anyone have experience with this? Done a lot of troubleshooting and I'm down to either a software issue or wiring. It only happens after shutting the engine down and letting it sit for a bit. Not a hot start issue...
  5. Goatpoker

    Sentri lane with a trailer?

    Anyone tried going through Sentri with a trailer? I have used it with just the truck but was told you can't go through with a trailer... anybody actually try it? Sent from the RDC Mobile App. Get it for your IOS device today
  6. Goatpoker

    Poly, delrin, or???

    What does everyone like for bushings on are trailing arms? I've used poly the last few times and it seems to wear too fast. Is delrin too hard? Sent from the RDC Mobile App. Get it for your IOS device today
  7. Goatpoker

    Frozen rush 2017?

    Nothing on Red Bull's website. Anyone know if this is a go this year? I have a hookup on the slopes in Sunday river, would be nice to use it. Sent from the RDC Mobile App. Get it for your IOS device today
  8. Goatpoker

    Mint 400 Updates?

    Does anyone have any updates on what is happening in the days leading up to the Mint? Who's attending Who's sponsoring Who the official UTV is It would be nice if we could get an email sent every 30-45 seconds with this information. Just to make sure we are in the loop....
  9. Goatpoker

    Gas in Gonzaga?

    Plan to head down Wed before the 250. Never been. Is gas a sure thing? Sent from the RDC Mobile App. Get it for your IOS device today
  10. Goatpoker

    Crue-fest SF250

    I can't believe that Tommy is actually driving. But getting some attention on Instagram. Tommy Lee in the SF250
  11. Goatpoker

    2016 SF250 Map?

    Anyone see one yet? Trying to plan a fun run before the race. Don't want to go backwards on the course, RN was mad at us 2 years ago for this :)
  12. Goatpoker

    Valving or geometry or weight or ???

    In the never ending search for the perfect ride I am still struggling with the small choppy stuff. The worst is the deep washboard (or axle wrap chatter in washes) followed closely by rocky dirt. I am assuming this is all free bleed territory. Am I missing something? Currently I have both...
  13. Goatpoker

    Pre-runner Buggy spring selection

    Been doing some suspension homework and it seems like selecting front springs for a buggy can be challenging. My car is 700lbs front and 2100lbs rear. That's loaded at 0mph. I know that when I am on the gas it is almost 0lbs in the front. (Especially with paddles and hookup) That makes my...
  14. Goatpoker

    Prime time commercials

    Are you all seeing the Mobil and Goodyear commercials with desert and short course vehicles? NFL prime air time. I love it. Might trade my BFG for Goodyears... Just sayin Sent from the RDC Mobile App. Get it for your IOS device today
  15. Goatpoker

    Factory backing?

    People keep talking about the xraid minis as if they are a fully backed Factory effort. Is that true? I am under the impression that xraid is a private motor sports outfit and Mini is a sponsor. Does anyone know if BMW is actually in the pits with tech support, etc? Sent from the RDC Mobile...
  16. Goatpoker

    Shimrestackor and big shocks?

    Anyone played around with the Shimrestackor program for big shocks? At first glance it looks like a good tool to simulate shock response. Just wondering if the piston variables will work with car pistons . http://www.shimrestackor.com Sent from the RDC Mobile App. Get it for your IOS...
  17. Goatpoker

    Valving change, expectations?

    Just rebuilt my rear shocks and made some changes. Wanted to get everybody's thoughts on that the results will be. Buggy summary -rear engine buggy -king 2.5 c/o with 1.5 motion ratio -king 2.5 bypass with 1.2 motion ratio -corner weight 1000lb c/o valving (3 bleed holes open) Old...
  18. Goatpoker

    Bypass bleed question.

    I have what I think is a fundamental question that is hanging me up. 4seat, LS engine buggy. 2.5 coils, 2.5 3tube bypasses. I have the long compression tube fully open and I think I could still use some more bleed. Sharp cross ruts and small rocks are a bit harsh. Should the Valving...
  19. Goatpoker

    Advise on Seat Belt mounting

    I am swapping out my seats and need to reloacate the shoulder belts. (3G's to Sparco's) As you can see in the pic the previous belts were down on the cross bar and that is not right, we were using the seat frame for the seat belt support... bad news. I need to get the mount up ~8" and I am...
  20. Goatpoker

    More on shaft velocity

    Had a flight from Boston to Phx last week and after a few JD & Coke's I started thinking about shock valving again... I guess this is whay they call us additcted! (Not the JD part ;) To summerize, I am after the ever elusive pre-runner shock tune. Buttery soft over cross ruts and whoops at...