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    Jefferies Race Teaser SF250

    Nice work. Thanks for sharing. :D
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    Thanks Dave. Nice rig, and good driving.
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    Class 12 /1100/ SCORE Lites ONLY Thread

    Im ready to race frosty.... you should really put your money where your keyboard is on this one, lil buddy.. and that new yellow rigg.. **The Maniac..\m/
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    what makes someone a competitive, successful desert racer

    I agree w the Honey Badger on this one.. it helps to be leaded as well!!! \m/
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    Stumpys dude ranch class 12 hdra #1201

    yeaaaa kid!\m/ What an epic weekend in Primm with the Dude Ranch! Sober Brandon, that was one hell of a prep job! Glen over at Complete Fabrication in Santee, ca. We couldn't have done it with out your super sick welds bro! Troy and Tommy and Apewraps.com keeping the car looking sharp! Rigid...
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    Stumpys Dude Ranch class 12 HDRA #1201 test session plaster city

    come on travis! everyone else can see itt... :cool: G&S going to primm?
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    Stumpys Dude Ranch class 12 HDRA #1201 test session plaster city

    Raining in Primm this morning.. should make for a good race!! \m/
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    Vegas to Reno Video

    sweet clip man, good job\m/
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    Vegas to Reno thread

    Agree!! He was on top all day.. One flat will cost you goes to show.. \m/
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    V2R qualifying results

    ohhhhh noooo!! look out BJ.. :cool: \m/ should be a good one.. too bad the tt 48 isn't racing.. :confused:
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    Vegas To Reno 2012 10k to the overall winner?

    you said it Dan! On whatever he rides.. \m/
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    2012 code jacume race pics. / doubledownphotos.com

    sweet shots man! good job! any of 806 you could post would be super sick! \m/
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    Viejas Casino / MR - CODE Jacume Gran Prix Results & Stories & Photos

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    Viejas Casino / MR - CODE Jacume Gran Prix Results & Stories & Photos

    Epic race for the Viejas team! Thanks to all that helped with this victory! We couldnt have done it with out all you guys/girls!!! VIVA MEXICO!!!! \m/ doin work for the dude ranch!!! :cool:
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    Stumpys dude ranch / ape wraps new class 6 in fleet

    Miles Wyatt is just some broke tow truck drive from Brawley, last I hear he was just able to make his truck payment. No way he owns this truck. It's gotta belong to that dude ranch dude. What's his name..?? Stumpy..
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    M4SX Pro Buggy and Pro Lite @ PAS

    Whats the entry fee for pro buggy ?? What time does practice start ??
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    my name is M.

    gotta get in on this ..
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    Who's going to practice at Chula Vista

    $1000.00 lil rich for my blood. I think i'll make a track @ the dip. :D does any of that money go to the entry fee??
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    i have a few cars... but i allwayz do it in the dirt. Miles