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  1. Zambo

    Element fire extinguishers

    Anybody know if these meet requirements for racing? Much smaller, lighter, and contain more extinguishing agent than a normal steel or aluminum bottle.
  2. Zambo

    "Unlimited" UTVs

    I haven't been following the results all that closely over the last few years, but a casual look fails to find many if any instances where the unlimited UTVs beat the Pro classes. Are there any examples of big races where an unlimited car beat the more traditional cars? If not, why? Is it a...
  3. Zambo

    Why is the website so slow and unreliable?

    Seems like it takes every page forever to load, and half the time I get an error message and have to reload the page. Is it just me? Noticed it before the 1000 and its still bad.
  4. Zambo

    Yankee Air Pirate race report 68

    Tough race for us. Felt like we had a good handle on everything prep and plan wise. Started first of 25 cars in Stock Turbo UTV and laid down a great pace from the pepsi stand. Passed a bunch of cars from other classes. But out near Tres Hermanos, I got behind a slower car and just then he...
  5. Zambo

    Vehicle shipping/transport

    We had a contact for a service to ship one of our chase vehicles back north, a 2005 Suburban. Supposedly everything was fairly set but now our contact isn't answering her phone in Mexico. So now I'm looking for a backup plan for getting that vehicle home. Anybody have info for one of the...
  6. Zambo

    On Topic Inmarsat phones

    I’ve always rented Iridium phones. Anybody ever use Inmarsat? Is the service okay in Baja? Any other input on using these phones during races....dialing, texting, etc?
  7. Zambo

    Prelim map is out

    Back down the coast this year out of BOLA it looks like....cool! https://www.norra.com/PDFs/2019MEX1K_MileageMaps_CARS_FINAL.pdf
  8. Zambo

    Cocos road

    How is it these days? Getting any closer to opening the paved road?
  9. Zambo

    Off Road Nights

    Is there a schedule of events for this at Del Mar tomorrow? I can't go for 8 hours but wouldn't mind spending a couple hours out there. Who knows what time the various exhibitions happen? TIA
  10. Zambo

    School bus helo toter

    What's the name of the team that totes a helo around on a modified school bus in Baja? Wanted to find a picture of that setup for a buddy. Thanks.
  11. Zambo

    Socal trans and diff service

    I'm in Escondido. What reputable shops in the area are good for prepping UTV diffs and transmissions? Specifically Can Am. Thanks
  12. Zambo

    On Topic 360 camera reviews?

    Anybody here started using 360 degree cameras in your race car? I was thinking about getting one and wanted to know if anyone has advice on them. Price, image quality, user interface, editing capability, external mic and other features, battery life, etc. After a brief look around, the Rylo...
  13. Zambo

    Wristwatch interest

    Hello all, I am trying to gauge if there would be any interest from the vintage community in a commemorative wristwatch. My sponsor is Mer-Air-Terre, a French company that makes some damn nice timepieces. The name translates to Sea, Air, Land. They have made custom watches for several groups of...
  14. Zambo

    Doubling up the adjusters

    Does anybody know why pretty much all off road promotors require adding a second set of adjuster buckles to the harnesses? Seems to me that my belts are SFI rated just the way they come in the box. In addition to having to buy the extra buckles, they take up valuable room inside what is usually...
  15. Zambo

    Baja fuel prices and exchange rate at the pump

    Haven't been down in a while, I hear its pretty expensive, almost 5 bucks a gallon for 91? What is the going rate? BTW the bank is giving 16.8 pesos for a dollar and the local exchange is giving 16.6. I usually get pesos before a trip because I've found you get gouged at the pump when paying in...
  16. Zambo

    On Topic Most user-friendly camera setup

    Its been a few years since I got my last gopro camera. Was wondering what the hot setup these day is for in-car. One of the limitations of my current gopro Hero4 is that it seems I can either connect it to 12v vehicle power so it can work all day, OR I can connect it to the intercom for voice...
  17. Zambo

    SSS-1 in Cabo?

    So I see the preliminary mileage maps is posted and on the last day, the last stage is labeled SSS-1. Secret Special Stage? Is this a loop in the local area or something? I guess if we knew it wouldn't be a secret! Interesting.
  18. Zambo

    San Diego vinyl wrap

    Who do you guys recommend for getting a wrap done on my UTV prior to the NORRA race in April? I don't have any big name sponsors, just a few discount products and a couple of companies that offer enough money to pay for about half my gas. I just do this stuff out of pocket so looking for a...
  19. Zambo

    Calamue/ Frog Canyon

    For those who didn't get a chance to see it. This was Saturday.
  20. Zambo

    BOLA Hurricane

    I'm a little surprised that there isn't a thread about this event. I've been to BOLA many times and dealt with wind there. I thought last year was a little bit nuts with the wind but this year was pretty unbelievable. I don't think I've ever seen wind like that before in my life. We never get...