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  1. Random Thoughts Racing

    Shock tuning day - Lucerne

    The Bilstein shock tuning trailer will be conducting suspension tuning at the Soggy Dry Lake in Lucerne Valley on Friday 9/30/2011 through Saturday 10/1/2011. Please contact the Off Road/ Motorsports Technical Supervisor Joel Ward at 858-386-5900 or email [email protected] to confirm your...
  2. Random Thoughts Racing

    Bilstein test vehicle needed 2008+ Freightliner Front Engine Diesel (FRED) - Class A

    Joel @ Bilstein here, hopefully someone in the desert race community has a FRED chassis and can use a free set of shocks! (As a note I am not personally involved with this project but posting on behalf of the Bilstein R&D department)...
  3. Random Thoughts Racing

    Bilstein Shocks - Test vehicle needed 2011 GMC/ Chevy 2500 4x4

    Bilstein Shocks is looking for a stock 2011 GMC/ Chevy 2500 4x4 standard bed Diesel for shock test fitment and ridework at the Poway, CA Bilstein factory. Please contact Steve Brightbill in R&D for further details. 858-386-5900
  4. Random Thoughts Racing

    24 hours at Nurburgring

    Press release from the 24 hours @ Nurburgring. Enjoy! BILSTEIN suspensions celebrate twin triumph at “24-Hour Race” BILSTEIN remains lord of the ring Ennepetal (Germany), May 19, 2010 – After a hard-fought and dramatic race in which many cars dropped out, BILSTEIN celebrated two places...
  5. Random Thoughts Racing

    Bilstein tuning available - BITD Silver State and NORRA

    In preparation for the Silver State and NORRA races Bilstein will be tuning in Barstow tomorrow 4/21, and Thursday 4/22. Please call for service. -Joel @ Bilstein 858-335-3300
  6. Random Thoughts Racing

    Identify these bypass shocks

    I need help identifying these shocks for a customer. Purple looks like old Ryerson but the rod ends look like Rough Country. Also looking for info or leads on who would have seals for them. Your help is appreciated.
  7. Random Thoughts Racing

    2010 SF250 video mm20

    TT's and some class 1 from the 2010 San Felipe 250. Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwGCrz6GA-I
  8. Random Thoughts Racing

    Video and shots from the KOH LCQ at Trapdoor

    Here is some video and still shots from the LCQ at the 2010 King of the Hammers. Enjoy!
  9. Random Thoughts Racing

    Bilstein tuning - King of the Hammers

    The Bilstein trailer will be at the BITD Parker contingency and then headed to King of the Hammers to begin tuning on Saturday 2/6-Saturday 2/13. Call 858-335-3300 for tuning help. Stop in at Johnson Valley and catch the race on Friday!
  10. Random Thoughts Racing

    Bilstein tuning - Laughlin and KOH

    The Bilstein trailer will be stopping in Barstow tomorrow morning for tuning on the way to Laughlin. After Laughlin contingency the trailer will be moving to Johnson Valley to tune some vehicles for King of the Hammers on Saturday and Sunday. Dial the digits and get the help 858-335-3300...
  11. Random Thoughts Racing

    Bilstein tuning - MDR new year race

    The Bilstein tuning trailer will be in Plaster City a few days ahead of the MDR new year race. If you need some tuning help (possibly due to increased driver weight) please call me. The camp will likely be setup at Plaster city EAST. Joel @ Bilstein 858-335-3300
  12. Random Thoughts Racing

    Bilstein tuning - Barstow 12/3/09

    Bilstein will be in Barstow tuning tomorrow 12/3/09. There should be time to work on additional vehicles so if you need some tuning help please call me or stop by. -Joel @ Bilstein 858-335-3300
  13. Random Thoughts Racing

    Tech article: snap ring leveling vs. spacer lift

    Tech article: snap ring leveling vs. spacer lift. Enjoy! http://www.bilsteinus.com/leveling/ARTICLE.pdf
  14. Random Thoughts Racing

    E&L Supply new products/ remodel North County SD - Escondido

    E&L supply has been my nut, bolt, tap, die etc. purveyor for over 10 years. On a recent visit to the store I noticed a remodeling underway and some additional products being stocked that can benefit the off road community (dzus, clamps, specialty motor bolts etc.). E&L also plans to begin...
  15. Random Thoughts Racing

    Bilstein tuning race support - V2R and Midnight special

    The Bilstein tuning trailer will be offering pit support at the SNORE midnight special and BITD Vegas 2 Reno races. The goal is to have the trailer available in the designated BITD camps for each leg of the V2R race. Tuning is also available before and after these races. -joel 858-335-3300
  16. Random Thoughts Racing


    So we have discussed many topics here on RDC but searches for "adoption" yeild only Purple threads on prop 8, pet adoption, and random word usage. Hopefully this thread can yeild something more substantive. In January of this year the wife and I adopted a 5 year old, through a county, via the...
  17. Random Thoughts Racing

    Bilstein tuning and Pit - MDR coyote wash night race

    Bilstein will be tuning before the MDR Coyote Wash night race and setting up a pit durring the race. As usual please call me if you need some assistance. Joel @ Bilstein 858-335-3300
  18. Random Thoughts Racing

    Baja 500 caravans

    To fulfill a promise to the wife I need to find another team or group heading to Ensenada tomorrow morning. We plan to cross around 9-10am and will have radio communications. Give me a call if your team is heading down around this time. -Joel @ Bilstein 858-335-3300
  19. Random Thoughts Racing

    MDR KOTD pit row video

  20. Random Thoughts Racing

    Bilstein tuning day

    Bilstein will be at the MDR King of the Desert race this weekend, tuning near the power lines all day Friday, and in the pits on Saturday. If you need some help tuning, nitrogen, cup of coffee etc. feel free to stop by or give me a call. As always reach me at 858-335-3300. -Joel