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  1. MikeLeung

    How do I get started in racing

    Financial aspect is pretty simple to understand. You need to independently wealthy and have enough expendable income to go desert racing.
  2. MikeLeung

    Bronco prerunners

    Hey Mike...is it all back together?
  3. MikeLeung

    Best place to stay with race car + trailer Ensenada for 500

    Airbnbs great...but you have to really research and ask the owner about trailers, parking spaces and security.
  4. MikeLeung

    V2R Big Teams Missing

    They are all saving their equipment for the SCORE Baja 400
  5. MikeLeung

    Baja 500

    Anyone else think Contingency at Estero is going to be a complete cluster F***?
  6. MikeLeung

    You win $100K at a race, what do you spend it on?

    I seriously doubt they would be paying any taxes on the at $100k. Without a doubt there racing expenses way out strip any income they may gain from winnings.
  7. MikeLeung

    T.T.'s at KING OF THE HAMMERS. (HUGE $$$$$$ for them too).

    ATT had strong signal from "Cell Phone Bush" and Chocolate Thunder. Zero every place else
  8. MikeLeung

    T.T.'s at KING OF THE HAMMERS. (HUGE $$$$$$ for them too).

    KOH is using the Weatherman channel
  9. MikeLeung

    Camp RDC at KOH

    Count me in on the BBQ Dan!
  10. MikeLeung

    Rage at the River

    Thats this was funny...the Google maps of the Laughlin has Contingency for Rage Google Maps
  11. MikeLeung

    Crossing in Tecate

    The Border Wait app is useless. Ive been using Google maps for the wait times...its way more accurate
  12. MikeLeung

    Crossing in Tecate

    So your non-SENTRI walkers can stay in the car almost to the end. Theres a cross walk about 100 yds from the end. They walk across and meet you at the gas station.
  13. MikeLeung

    Crossing in Tecate

    Most Arizona based team cross there
  14. MikeLeung

    1/2 1600 thread ONLY

    You got the 1600 after the 500 Joe? LOL..Nice! Seriously go talk to Brent. He's going to be your best guide for 1600....at least locally.
  15. MikeLeung

    SADR - Cholla 250

    Yes...Dunes absolutely can form on the Hwy between El Golfo and Penasco. If you not paying attention, it can launch your car
  16. MikeLeung

    US based racing

    Yes, you are totally missing something. Good luck getting help with your attitude.
  17. MikeLeung

    US based racing

    Boy you're really coming off as a really arrogant A-Hole. Be a little more humble in your questioning and you can really benefit from the wealth on knowledge on RDC. But we can already tell from your comments that you are woefully un-prepared to race Baja. Any racing in Baja, 1000, NORRA...
  18. MikeLeung

    SADR - Cholla 250

    Coming from San Diego, your 2 best options are crossing at Mexicali or crossing at San Luis. Crossing at Mexicali is the shortest route. I drove this route in June from Penasco to San Deigo. The road is in great condition and a easy drive. Use Google maps for sure...driving thru Mexicali to...
  19. MikeLeung

    Looking for a update on JOE - NORRA 1000

    This is a message from Joe's wife a few days ago Facebook. Joe is a long time co-driver for Jesse Jones. Yesenia Weining is with Joe Weining. April 29 at 7:34am · As some of you may know Joe was run over by a vehicle while staging at the NORRA 1000 this last Thursday, thanks to the quick...
  20. MikeLeung

    Northern Arizona Race for Trucks and Buggies

    LMAO....vdrive and fatsaz. No hiding your identities from me. I'm almost positive you guys have met each other on many occasions.