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    Emergency radio in Baja

    Just wanted to put it out there for people exploring the outdoors in baja, whether hiking, biking, prerunning or camping. If you need emergency help, there has been a new initiative being put out by Baja California emergency services and search and rescue. It is called Canal 7-7 for use on frs...
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    Coast to Coast

    Anybody racing the Record Ensenada to Sand Felipe race coming up. Always one of my favorite races cause they pull like 30 class 11s Sent from my SM-G920T using Tapatalk
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    Saab class 6

    I have an old class 6 race saab that we are currently getting back in racing condition. I am looking for suggestions. Should I upgrade it as far as shocks, cage, brakes, and stuff like that, or should I try to restore it as much as possible to the way it was raced in the early 80s?
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    Toyota will sell diesel hybrids trucks in CA

    Found this interesting, maybe it will make its way into the Tundra in the near future. http://www.hino.com/coe/story_922.php
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    Siren/ Horn

    What is the best reliable horn to get for a race car? Would a siren even be worth running or would an airhorn be better?
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    Looking for a toggle switch

    I am trying to design a circuit to wire up a wiper/washer assembly and I wanted to use one switch for both. The switch I need need to be off in the down position, on in the center position and have an extra momentary on in the up position. I know this switch exist, because I have used one the...
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    Record Ens-SF

    Anybody going to this weekends race from ojos to the arches.
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    Robby Gordon Army Challenge

    Robby Gordon Army Challenge November 30, 2010 8:00pm Military Channel TV-PG A one-hour special profiling NASCAR and off-road champion Robby Gordon visiting the troops on a U.S. military base (i.e. Fort Irwin). Gordon tours the facility and engages with the troops teaching Hummer...
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    Desert Racing Future

    Seeing that things in the desert are changing from years past, we all need to unite to make desert racing better for the future. Even though organizers will never admit it, there is always a competition to make their series better than the next. All this is doing is splitting the racers, and...
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    Can't get enough Baja racing?

    Check out the RECORD series, next race on June 25-27, this is gonna be a good one
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    Why can't we have unified class a unified class numbering system?

    I have followed desert racing all my life, and I have never been more confused about race car numbers. Every promotor has there own numbering system, and even if you stay with one series, your number might change every race (unless you drive a trophy truck) for example this truck, which races in...
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    Record ens-sf 250

    Is anybody going to the race this weekend? Over 200 entries www.recordoffroad.com this is usually the biggest non SCORE race out of Ensenada and just as fun
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    Pics of CODE ORW Gran Prix Aug1-3 2008

    Who has them???
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    Hello my name is Anibal, i have been lurking on this website for about two years and finally decided to register.