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    Class 9 website

    Hey guys, This weekend I built a class 9 web site where class 9 racers can post their profiles. I hope to get some of you to send me your profiles,pictures, tech info and class9 videos. The site is www.Class9.net
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    Rider Wanted

    Class 9 two seat team Looking for a rider or two for the SNORE 250. could work into more SNORE races. Must have your own fire suit,wired helmet,and be light. e-mail [email protected] or call 702-788-2454 or 702-471-1544
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    SNORE 250 starting order

    Here is the result from tonight's drawing of the starting positions. 1- #9?? Clay Leonard 2. #921 Kevin Ellis 3. #950 Rodger Schank 4. #911 Mike Anglin 5. #999 Rick Moran 6. #971 Ryan Tyler 7. #903 Brandon Hughes RS. #989 Corey Torres
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    Mint 400 starting order.

    #901 Rodger Schank/Jason Romans/Eric Shenberger #902 Cameron Blackley #903 Thomas Pittman #904 Mark Bass #905 Cody Stuart #906 Brandon Hughes #907 Don Kelly #908 Moran/Treffke #909 TL Tylor #910 Jared Benson #911 Johnny Burns #912 Eddie Frias #913 Mike...
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    Who will win at PRIMM

    Who do you think will win the class 9 Race at the "BATTLE AT PRIMM"? I put a poll on my home page. Cast your vote. http://www.schankracing.com/polls.htm
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    Race plans for 2005

    I thought I would start what could be a fun thread. It might help to start to get the hype up for next year. So what is everyones plans for 2005 in class 9? Where is everyone going to race? With who and in what? I will even go first. After a few years away from class 9. We just got a new to...
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    SNORE 250 results

    I think this was the top 3 1.John Burns 2.Corey Torres 3.Damon Gill
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    Partner Wanted

    I have a single seat class 9 car with all the best.I may be willing to take on a partner to race it with me. This partner will need to be able to perform all necessary car prep. I dont have the time.i am looking to do a part time season in 2002.A full season in 2003,i will have more time then.I...